Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday Links

- football outsiders take a look at last sunday's blowout loss

- eagles drop to 11th in DVOA

- matt hasselbeck still leads all QBs in DPAR, don drops to 6th. after two stinkers, westbrook drops to 22nd. TO drops to 14th. LJ jumps to 4th. honeybuns and the four turnstiles maintain their 26th place ranking. d-line checks in at 5th.

- eagles cut mike labinjo and signed zeke moreno... andy sending a leetle message to the coverage teams?

- mark eckel suggests arrogance in the eagles front office is the problem. (he was very close to corey simon and seemed a little bitter about the birds cutting him)

- hey dave montgomery. rich hoffman has a great idea... how about you hire a GM first and let him deal with wagner?

- randy miller says that gerry hunsicker is the leading candidate for the GM job. meh. at least he's not ruben wade jr.

- here's a shocker! flyers lose because the goalie stinks and we suck on the power play. hitchcock says this team is "built for 5 on 5 hockey". why isn't skill or goaltending important to clarke? why? why?

- lindros recalls the flyers fondly. anyone doubt that clarkie is still sticking pins in little eric voodoo dolls?


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