Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday Links

quick note. a lot of sites these days require a login and password. if you don't want to take the time to sign up for accounts everywhere, use bugmenot to use someone else's pre-existing account.

- ed wade proves that he'll never get it. "I've earned this right to be the general manager of the Phillies. I earned these eight years for the sacrifices I made and my family made. And I think you can go out there and talk to other baseball people and they'll tell you whether I got the credentials to do this job or not." his argument is that he has the "credentials" to be a GM. geez, ed, i didn't realize a background in PR plus 8 seasons as lee thomas's lackey was all it took to be a certified, bona fide MLB GM. you schmuck. no one cares about credentials. when are you going to start talking about results and a track record of success. credentials are a bastion of the imcompetent. your defense is that "no one complained when i made those moves and everyone in baseball agreed at the time that they were good moves"... meaning no one should complain about them after the fact if they didn't complain about them before. you know what ed, anyone can GM like it's "paint by numbers". if you only make the moves that are obvious on the surface, what value did you add to the process? where are your brilliant strategic moves where you fleeced the unknowing other party?

- bill conlin on the dumping of wade

- jack mccaffrey says the fans finally win

- golf writer joe logan writes about the move. "I hope this isn't one of those fire-Buddy-Ryan-hire-Rich-Kotite moves," Internet user pathfinder22 wrote on philly.com. "Please let them bring in a baseball man with some sort of good track record."

- some of trader ed's lowlights

- paul hagen takes a look at some candidates to replace "the head"

- even andy admits there are problems on the birds

- sam donnellon wonders if the problem is that teams have finally figured JJ out

- flyers play the big e tonight

- why do these guys make it an either or situation with lindros and forsberg? how come they don't remember that it should have been both of them together on the flyers?


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