Monday, October 10, 2005

Ed Wade Gone!

finally that nebbish is gone! the eagles got squashed, but with penn state winning and ed wade's firing i think i'll survive the week.

dear phillies, if you hire brian cashman to be the new GM i promise to buy two season tickets next season. i will buy them the day you announce cashman as the new GM. no joke. same goes if you can steal billy beane from oakland or john schuerholz from atlanta (though i doubt schuerholz would leave the braves as he has nothing to gain). apparently, theo epstein's contract runs out at the end of the season. i'd take him too -- even though he's a "billy beane wannabe" who my friend ben says "acts like they invented the game". any of those guys and i promise to buy season tickets and keep them for at least 5 years.

on the flip side... if you promote ruben amaro jr to GM, you will lose me as a fan for life. no joke about that either.


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