Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Links

- good article by skip bayless about how don used TO's offseason sniping to motivate him.

- too bad the title of this article isn't "wade sets up meeting with employment agency"...

- LJ's having a great season (except for the ball protection issue) and leads all tight ends in catches

- what is it with AI and TGI Fridays? does he live there?

- mark eckel writes that the NFC east is improved, but the other teams haven't caught the birds yet. he also writes this article about the defensive line injuries,

- does jayson stark get royalties for reuben frank stealing his schtick?

- dr z moves the eagles up to 2nd in his power rank... from 6th. 6th? that's laughable. though he does write a nice article about blitzing.


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