Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Peter Forsberg - Eric Lindros

two guys who will be linked together forever. phil anastasia looks back at the trade that sent peter forsberg to quebec and brought eric lindros into town. it's a pretty fair column and certainly doesn't have the revisionist history feel that i find in most recent columns about the lindros affair.

seems like most fans and media only remember the negative aspects of the whole eric lindros era. i like to remember that until bobby clarke told him to tone it down to reduce his chances of being injured, eric lindros was the most dynamic and game changing player who ever played for the flyers (at least that i've seen). his physical presence was amazing, as was his skill level. how many nhl scoring champs have the flyers had besides lindros? hart trophy winners? love him or hate him, eric hovered around 3rd or 4th highest points per game for most of his career. sadly, his body (and his brother's body) could not hold up to the pounding. yes, he was a primadonna. yes, he was a baby. so what? so is TO, and i don't see anyone running him out of town.

actually, when i look back on it. the only thing i would regret, if i were the flyers, would be packaging forsberg in the trade instead of rod brind'amour (who is the guy quebec really wanted). farwell insisted on keeping rod and convinced them to take forsberg instead. good job russ. way to make the right move. not saying i would have made the right move, but i'm not an nhl GM. also, i'm still bitter about having to watch vanbiesbrouck instead of richter and sean burke instead of curtis joseph. remember, joseph said he would take less money to come here.

most people blame lindros, but it wasn't his fault he got traded here. farwell was the guy who went out and got him, knowing full well that he was a primadonna. clarke came back and proceeded to bitch about his attitude the whole time he was here. clarke's the one to blame, not eric. eric gave his body and his (now mush for) brains to this city. clarke gave us vanbiesbrouck and burke instead of cups.


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