Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday Links

- akers' injury might be worse than the eagles initially thought. david is seeking a second opinion.

- bill conlin calls for the phils to demote ed wade not fire him. i don't care what they do as long as i don't have to see ed wade's gigantic, misshapen head on tv anymore (or hear the word "potential").

- football outsiders' similarity scores on eli manning have improved as has his performance. now at least guys like jeff george and phil simms are in the picture.

- eagles rank 5th in DVOA after 4 weeks.

- JJ claims he didn't make many adjustments after the chiefs scored on their first three possessions. trent green doesn't believe him, and neither do i.

- profootballweekly speculates that the eagles may use more formations with josh parry on the field to get better protection for mcnabb. ha! i guess they've never actually watched an eagles game or josh parry play...

- jack mccaffrey calls for phillies fans to resist the call from the darkside. -- "In the end, the Phillies were left to overwhelm a hopeless team in order to have the chance on the final day of the season to back into a tie for the best second-place record in the National League."

- nd kalu compares chiefs fans to eagles fans. -- "This place isn't hostile... they don't know what it means to be hostile... everyone kept talking about the fans in KC... they have nothing on the guys at the Linc."


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