Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hockey Is Back

it was nice to watch a hockey game for the first time in a while. the rules changes seem to have made *some* impact on the flow of the game (though not as much as i expected). the two line pass to richards was nice, and there weren't as many penalties as some of the gloom and doomers were predicting (i.e. 20 penalties per team).

on the other hand, for all the changes the flyers made in the offseason, you could chalk up last night's loss to the the same problem the flyers have had for the last, what, 7 or 8 years? their goalie was better than our goalie, and we suck on the power play. nice to know some things never change :)


Blogger JoeV said...

What the hell are you doing up blogging at 5 in the morning? You're right though. Nittymaki (SP?) should be in there. I never thought Esche was a top rated guy. It felt good to see the game though. I'm going on Friday, and it's against the Devils. After last week's preseason, Brashear is probably going to show that he's in the best fighting shape of his career. After all, he was thrown out of the Ottawa league because he had 220 mins of penalties. Then he was asked back because attendance was low...:)

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