Sunday, October 09, 2005

Game 5 Thoughts

what a stinker the birds put up today -- i found it literally painful to watch. this was worse than the thumping the steelers laid on them last season.

- no one on the eagles had a particularly good game, while lots of guys on the cowboys had great games. the cowboys out played, out hustled, out coached, and especially out "physicalled" the eagles in all phases of the game. it was sad to watch and completely unacceptable.

- lack of pass rush continues to be a concern. could the under the radar addition of marco rivera be the most important offseason addition to the cowboys? the birds have been getting most of their defensive line pressure up the middle this season, but in today's game, rivera and larry allen did an terrific job of controlling the middle of the line. with patterson, truck driver, and hollis unable to get a push in the middle, the cowboys offense was able to do whatever it wanted the whole game. early in the game, i think mike patterson was surprised by larry allen's strength. he seemed almost shocked at how allen was pushing him back once larry got his hands on him. i don't think the birds even hit bledsoe on blitzes.

- special teams is going to be a big problem for this team if they don't get better soon. they have had a advantage over almost every other team on special teams over the years (i read somewhere that they're the only team to finish in the top 10 in special teams every year for the last 5 years), but that advantage is gone now. the last time the eagles had kick coverage this bad was when danny smith was the special teams coach.

- why do the birds have such a poor record in games leading into the bye week? they've dipped back under .500 (3-4) in games leading into the bye under reid. seems strange compared to his overall winning percentage (.663 after today's loss). is that a pattern or a variance due to small sample size?

- why the hell was mcnabb still in the game with 5 minutes left in the game? i really wish i had some insight into andy's reasoning. that was definitely a "fat f*ck" moment.

- the birds' inability and/or lack of desire to run kills them in games like this because a) there is no backup plan if the passing gameplan isn't working and b) the drives are too short if they aren't moving the ball so the defense never gets a chance to rest. one of the tv guys mentioned that the eagles were among the league leaders in 3 and outs. that's not a good sign.

- o-line didn't play any worse than any other unit, but tra got absolutely pancaked by eric ogbogu -- who incidentally is the underarmour "we must protect this house" guy.

- i think mcnabb has to have his surgery done now. against teams with little pass rush, don does fine. against teams with a pass rush, he just cannot function back there. why take the risk of him getting creamed? he doesn't have his quickness and he can't avoid these guys coming free. let him get it fixed and come back in time for the last 4 games.

- TO loafed through most of this game.

- kearse was invisible again (and they stopped chipping him once they figured out that a rookie could handle jevon one on one).

- shawn andrews looks much heavier than he was at the start of last season. he doesn't look very mobile right now.

- bottom line, they played like ass and they better come up with better efforts than this if they want to win the division. the other teams have caught up to them in terms of talent, so it's going to be a dogfight the rest of the way. they had better be ready.

this is going to be a miserable two weeks.


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