Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Links

- ray didinger writes a nice article about the fat guy.

- eagles notes from the inquirer. some interesting tidbits including parcells talking about how everyone talks about him being a "running coach" but the record for number of passes that mcnabb is on pace to break is held by drew bledsoe (when he was coached by parcells). another example of how the media gets locked into and perpetuates misconceptions.

- dexter wynn is going to start returning kickoffs

- chris collinsworth calls mcnabb "the next favre", and also mentions how cataldi and his cronies booed don at the draft (oops sorry i meant "booed the non-selection of ricky williams", like that makes a difference, cataldi). you know, the funny thing is jets fans have been booing their team's draft picks for as long as i can remember, but you never hear about that. i remember the year the jets picked jeff lageman in the first round the whole room went ballistic. not a peep from the media.

- adam schefter calls 5 "mcmazing"... lol. what? "mcmazing"? that's mcdiculous and mclame.

- we may see the debut of ryan moats soon as a kick returner

- apparently the birds' practices are shorter than other teams' practices.


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