Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday Links

- comparison of style differences of reid and parcells

- phillies announce manuel all the coaches are coming back. do the phillies have the sack to actually announce that wade is coming back or are they going to be p*ssies about that too? what a second class outfit. well, another season of ignoring phillies baseball coming up for me.

- bdawk's goal is to be the best free safety ever. well he certainly is the best free safety ever to play for the eagles.

- TMQ calls for some media love for the birds' defense and then links to this story about eminent domain abuse.

- don ranks second in DPAR among QBs so far this season. shockingly, the top rated QB so far is matt hasselbeck. TO ranks 11h among receivers, westbrook ranks 10th among backs, LJ is 5th among tight ends, o-line ranks 26th (though that is measured by running effectiveness), and d-line ranks 5th.

- eagles second in both sportsline's power ranking and espn's power ranking.

- sportingnews' "war room" analysis of the birds upcoming game against the cowboys. don't know how much it's worth. they give the cowboys the edge in the QB vs pass defense breakdown when the "cowboys have the ball". ha ha. either that's a misprint or the "war room" must be located in texas stadium.

- this just in, the eagles got better tv ratings than the phillies.

- birds are on a pace to break every passing record.


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