Monday, October 03, 2005

Jody McDonald Back On Air

hooray! we have an alternative to wip on the radio dial!

today was the first day of 950 wpen's format change to sports talk. they are broadcasting syndicated shows in the morning (ex-wip jock tony bruno), mid-day (jim rome of jim "chris" everett fame), and evening, but in the afternoon they are pitting jody mcdonald (ex-wip and wfan) against howard eskin.

i didn't get a chance to listen to him too much today, but i'm sure he'll be great. he is my favorite sports talk host both for his objectivity and knowledge, and is probably my second favorite radio personality overall (behind ray didinger). welcome back jody!


Anonymous steve72 said...

I listened to him. He was good as ususal, although much of the air time was taken up by callers saying how good it was to hear him back on the air.

I wonder if 950 can get macknow to come over....Mack and Mack was a great show.

9:25 AM EDT  

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