Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Thoughts on Game One

i went into game 1 worried that the eagles were going to be on the wrong end of a 31-13 game against the team i thought was the best in the nfc coming into the season. my hope was that they were going to be able to keep it close and show some things and not get blown out in the opener. i wasn't expecting them to win. i wasn't even really hoping they were going to win, i just wanted them to keep it close and show some potential.

these were the some of the specific things i was hoping to see in the game and watching for:

- kolb to show his trademark accuracy while being quick and decisive
- the refashioned d-line to consistently get pressure on rodgers without having to blitz
- stewart bradley to have decent change of direction skills as he recovers from his knee injury
- nate allen to have a good feel for the game and show some inkling that he may one play be half the player dawk was
- jamaal jackson to bring back some stability to the o-line with his ability to call the right protections

what i got was dreck. don't let the 7 point loss fool you. there were some good performances, but the game i watched makes me concerned that it portends bad things for this team in the future. it's only one data point, so i'll reserve judgement until we see some more but yuck! i really didn't like what i saw.

kevin kolb looked exactly like he did in the preseason. afraid to make a mistake and not at all comfortable with being the man. best case is that he's putting way too much pressure on himself and needs to relax and get comfortable. worst case... this isn't an aberration and what we saw last season was a result of playing bad defenses at a time when kolb had nothing to lose. kolb has looked bad all preseason. he's making bad throws and making bad decisions and has been doing it all season. i know it's still early, but he's a huge question mark and it's concerning.

the o-line wasn't playing all that well. i know, it's an obvious statement, but if kolb is going to be the starter. it's a huge... HUGE concern. there were at least 5 times in the first half where kolb was either sacked or forced into a hurried throw that don would easily have been able to avoid. mcnabb was amazing at keeping a play alive and kolb has none of that. zip. less even than eli manning. unless this o-line magically transforms into the second coming of the hogs, i have trouble envisioning how kolb is going to be successful.

this loss was not GAMEPLANNER andy reid's fault. it was COACH andy reid's fault... but i repeat, this loss was not GAMEPLANNER andy reid's fault. he had the perfect gameplan for easing kolb into his first start. almost every play call in the first half involved short routes and easy throws. there were no deep routes. how do i know this? because i kept complaining all first half that there were no deep routes. don't buy the garbage you hear on the radio about andy's poor gameplanning. it was an execution problem --> kolb <-- not a gameplanning problem.

however, COACH andy reid is at much fault for the loss. he is still the same ineffective gameday coach we've come to know over the years. HOW CAN YOU NOT CALL A QB SNEAK THERE?!?!? that fat f*ck is giving me a brain aneurysm with his stubborn refusal to employ the QB sneak. i swear, i can feel it growing in my head every time i see him call a pass or line up the qb in freaking SHOTGUN formation on 4th and inches.

there were a lot of things to be happy after the game -- d-line play, nate allen, michael vick -- but if kolb is the QB i don't see how he's going to be successful without a better offensive line... and if he's not successful there is no way the team will be successful. no matter how good the rest of the team is... QB play is 60% of the game.

vick looked great, but let's see what he does in a full game against a gameplan designed against him. still, with our o-line, vick's elusiveness gives him a better chance to be successful than kolb.

who knows, maybe andy the developer of QBs can turn vick into a legit nfl QB. i just wish that GM andy would hire a real coach to guide the team. to borrow a line from the godfather, we need a war-time consigliere and andy reid is no war-time consigliere.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! Back with a vengeance! Where you been with all that venom, TMG!

We watched a very similar game as I felt much of the same. However, I will blame Reid the game planner for the dumbass usage of the wildcat from almost the opening whistle. How is Kolb ever going to get in a groove when he is shuffling out of the game every 3 plays. That made zero sense to me.

I still have faith in Kolb. I didn't think he was that terrible in pre season. He was fine vs. the Jags in limited duty (remember Celek dropped a TD), the whole team sucked ass vs. Cincy, and KC played like it was the SB and blitzed every play. They also dropped like 5 balls vs. KC. I thought he scrambled pretty effectively in pre season and made more good throws than bad. Last week was a stinker, no doubt. I just hope the kid doesn't have his confidence shattered now. Reid the coach/game planner, whatever needs to put him in better positions to win with some hot reads, some formations, etc.

Yes it will be a long year, but I'm not ready to say Kolb won't be effective yet.

Now that horrendous O line, put together by Reid the GM...well that is another post for another day.


10:37 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Welcome back, TMG.

You can see what your absence has lead us too. Namely, Bumble and I redebating the same things over and over and over . . .

So if hoped they'd keep the game close, why aren't you more optimistic about the rest of the year? Because they did keep the game within reach. You rightly point out all the issues and then focus on the bad decisions/executions to reach a conclusion that the rest of season is lost. Why not focus on the positives?

Now if they lose this weekend, I'll be leading the charge of "this team sucks".

9:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't yet say this team sucks, but I will say this team has 3 flaws that they continue to not adress that will kill them today and every other day.

1. They are undisciplined. Another 500 yards in penalties today. Good teams don't beat themselves and these guys are beating themselves silly.

2. Special teams stink. Not only do they give up massive return yards all game, but they have no return game of their own. Again, that phase of the game has to help you.

3. The O line is putrid. Their OT may be the worst tandem in the game. They give up push all day long. Don't be fooled by the paper Pro Bowl, Peters is a stiff. And he's always boo hooing with a little injury. I've never been a Castillo fan (the papers proclaim his greatness because he works long hours...what?!?!"), but he's doing an especially bad job with this lot. The Birds can't put Kolb back in because he'll get physically maimed within a few series. Vick is their only prayer due to his ability to avoid some of the deluge that the offensive sieve lets in every play.

I don't take many positives from today except for a win. Those are always hard to come by in this league. Too many yards surrendered by the D, the O line was man handled all day, and too many dropped balls.

They are 1-1 and hopefully the coaches start doing something to address these gaping flaws before the season is over in October.


10:42 PM EDT  
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