Monday, September 13, 2010

Moral Victories Don't Count

You want the bright side? Your team loses 4 starters in the first half to a team you're not expected to beat anyways and you only lose by 7 points. Especially considering 1 of those guys is your starting QB. Think about that for a second.

Bumble, now toss in your criticisms (all valid): 1) horrendous penalties, 2) special team breakdowns EVERY time GB touched the ball, and 3) poor play by Kolb in 1H. And they lost by 7 points. They were down 1 score. They didn't get blown out by a team most people see going on to a SB. They didn't get blown out to said potential SB team after losing your starting QB, racking up penalties like they're going out of style, and giving your opponent great field position with cruddy special teams play.

There are no moral victories. This goes down as a loss. But this realistically wasn't a game they were supposed to win. They kept the game within reach and had a shot of pulling off the upset in the 4th quarter. I'm not saying we should feel better about this team after this game, but we certainly feel worse.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've thought about it all day. That may have been Andy Reid's single worst coaching job. And there have been many. Absolutely atrocious, inflexible game plan in the first half. No excuse for not adjusting and going 5 wide to spread GB out, no excuse for not creating matchup problems with motion, no excuse for doing nothing to help your rookie QB. Absolutely awful job by him and his squid Morningweg.

And while they lost by 7, that was not a 7 point game. GB went to sleep after going up 27-10 and just stopped doing anything. It was entertaining in the second half and GB is a good team, but until the Birds address this horrendous O line (another Reid miscue on all those FA and drafts who can't play), this will not be the team that it has the potential to be. Peters is awful. Justice is awful, Cole is only average, and McGlynn is not an NFL center.

I am not sold they throw jocks on the field and win this week. The injuries mounted quick and ugly this year.


9:07 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble, it can't be that bad. They lost by 7 points. IT WAS NOT THAT BAD OF A LOSS! You are so good at picking out the negative things that you lose total perspective. They did not lose to DET. They didn't just tie CIN. They lost by 1 silly little score to a playoff team AFTER LOSING 4 STARTERS TO INJURY. It boggles my mind that you think this team is THAT bad. Have I mentioned that they lost by 1 score? GB didn't stop playing.

Dude, you need to chill. This is week one. It matters, but not to that extent. It wasn't even a bad loss. You've got to take the quality of opponent into consideration. It's not like GB are some bottom feeding schmucks here.

9:39 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasn't the point of your whole post "there are no moral victories"? If not, then allow me to make the point "there are no moral victories!" If I need to make that point again, I will.

You absolutely make me crack up because we don't watch the same sport let alone the same game. They got effing mauled by that team ones on ones. Mauled! GB could've had 12 sacks if they chose to blitz that often. Then they play Vick, who GB didn't prep for, and he runs around and gets a lot of broken play scramble yardage, and you're proclaiming moral victories. Phil, wake up to the fact that they blocked atrociously all game long and the bulk of their second half offense was broken play scrambles when Vick was running for his life behind the offensive sieve. Wake up to the continued poor special teams play. Wake up to the inexplicable number of penalties taken. Wake up to the fact that Andy or Kolb or both had by any football measuring stick a horrendous and concerning first half of football to open this season. I state facts and I'm negative? Wow your world is really candy colored.

I expected a loss. I did not expect Kolb to play like a sophomore in the Philly Catholic League making his first ever football start and I didn't expect such an atrocious game plan by their seasoned head coach. I am entitled to expect a little more out of those two based on their life experience. Couple that with continued trends from pre season that this ingenious coaching staff never fixed (penalties, poor special teams play) and at the core, you should be extremely unsettled if not outright pannicked at this point. Reality is that this team has foundational holes that you don't recover from in one week.

I know, I know, they only lost by 7 points.


11:08 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panicked Bumble? I think we have different definitions of that word. To me panicked would be something like, I get a call saying my wife was in a car accident. Panicked is not over my favorite football team (a form of entertainment) lost by a score.
Are you this negative with everything in life? Seriously, I worry about your blood pressure.

Ok. I am worried about the O-line. With so many initial injuries, that's going to create a problem for Kolb, once he's better. Vick may be a better QB for the short term because he can run and roll out faster. But that creates another problem as you need to give Kolb as much experience as possible.

Special teams (with the exception of Akers) really needs to pick it up. I have to hand it to our D for holding GB considering their TOP.

GB in my mind is going deep in the playoffs, if not the SB, and the Eagles are not. I never expected them too. This is a rebuilding year. Let me say that again. This is a rebuilding year. It's going to take at least this year before everyone gels together and Reid can adjust his play calling to fit the new personnel's talents. I believe this to be normal.

Bumble, I disagree with your "facts". If they were facts, the score would have been much worse. I also disagree with your adjectives.

I do believe Peters needs to go, and the penalties were way too many.

I said it in the beginning. This is a 8-8 if not a 7-9 team. That's exactly the team i Saw on Sunday.

Being surprised, or expecting better makes no sense.

- Joe

2:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing. GET THE REPORTERS OUT OF THE LOCKER ROOM! Male or female. If I'm changing, or showering it is not the time to talk to me about my job. I also don't want someone to ask me about the weather while I'm taking a piss and my dick is in my hand. The only time being nude and being required to be professional at the same time should happen, is if you strip for a living.

- Joe

6:20 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble, we're the flip sides of the same coin. I agree with everything you say. I just can't get to panicked after a 7 point loss to a playoff team. They got outplayed - that's why they lost. I'm not saying they didn't get outplayed. I'm not saying they didn't lose, I just can't look at that game and see a Detroit style season ahead of us.

I really wonder why you even watch football if you can't see any good in a loss. A team's typically going to lose a fair amount over the year and if I was going to have as much agita over those losses as you do, there's no way I'd devote 3 to 6 hours of my week to it. Life's too short, dude.

7:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I expected the loss and I got what i expected. I wasn't and am not upset they lost to a very good team. Pannicked may be a bad choice of words in hindsight because truth be told I didn't care that much.

What bothers me most is how piss poor a job Andy Reid did in setting Kevin up for any success in his first major NFL start when it's his team. He failed to utilize the running game to take pressure off, he failed to scheme and allowed GB to blitz the hell out of them all day, and he failed to get his play makers involved in the offense. At some point he needed to help Kolb and he didn't do that. We all know reid is a terrible game day manager, but this guy is a supposed QB guru. Well he sure as hell did nothing to help the body or psyche of his QB the other day. I just hope Kolb's confidence and health aren't shot after GB teed off on him.


8:18 PM EDT  
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