Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Season Debate

I think there's 2 primary uncertainties facing the Eagles this year: 1) The play of Kolb and 2) The play of the defense as a whole. Both of these are fairly large question marks. Kolb's not played a whole lot and the defense was atrocious last year. OK, maybe they weren't that bad, but they were a decent way below average.

I see this as the lower of 2 issues facing this team. This issue will get most of the play in the media because the QB position is always the out-sized focus and because the McNabb trade. But we've seen a bit of what he can do last year and he was at worst an average QB in his 3 games. 2-1 W-L, 4TDs vs. 3INT, 64% completion record, 7.7 yd/att, 148 yd/game. And this was in limited duty. I think over a full season he's likely to do better than these numbers given he's been running with the ones all off-season. Also, while the fans may not have seen a lot of him before, the coaching staff has seen him every day for 3 years now. Given how highly Reid values the QB position, there's NO WAY he's making this switch unless he's sure Kolb's going to be better than average.

I tried to pick a specific position/area of concern here, but I'm more worried about the whole than the individual positions. Maybe my concern is more about the D Coordinator. It just seems like the positions themselves have decent talent outside of LB, which is probably better than it has been in recent years. If everyone can stay healthy. They seemed to underperform their talent last year. Never able to get the stop they needed. And couldn't force nearly enough FG attempts. They didn't go out and get any real talent this off-season. Their coaching staff is still the same. So it's hard for me to see a big jump in improvement, which I think will be necessary to take some of the pressure of Kolb. While I think he's going to be decent, he'll be a lot better with a better defense.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the focus will be on Kolb, and I think that's fair since he's the new "leader". I also agree that he's going to perform better than the Cataldi morons will likely spout because of his working with the 1s and being in the system for so long.
I'm not as worried about D as Phil.
(as long as Bradley stays healthy) I think having him there is huge.

My concern is with the O-line. Is everyone healthy (mentally as well?)

- Joe

1:11 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

Ding ding, amen big Joe! I think their O line is very below average, especially with Jackson out of the fold. Peters was below average last year (regardless of a meaningless Pro Bowl selection), The other ANdrews was a complete bust, and Justice is only OK. Couple that with a guy playing C who isn't a C and I have legitimate concerns with this line. Now if Stacey ANdrews steps up and Justice and Peters advance, this offense could score a bucket of points. That is a lot of ifs.

I don't like their D and I don't think they under performed. I just don't think they're very talented. Their D backs are all atrocious, their LB have to be better with SIms and a healthy (hopefully) Midget Bradley, and their D line is only OK. They don't match up well at all with the better offenses. Too many guys out of position (drafted to play something different than they've always played). The rookies better get to camp soon because they need every second of repetition they can get. I see them surrendering 4-5 TD a game so hopefully they can score 6.


8:44 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Yeah, I forgot what that o-line was like. One of the things that can either really help or absolutely kill an inexperienced QB.

7:22 AM EDT  
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