Saturday, September 11, 2010

GB at Eagles Preview

Man this is going to be a tough game. Lots of people think GB are going to make the SuperBowl this year (and they may) so a really tough game out of the gate.

Why I think they're going to win:
  • Great talent at the WR position. This rookie Cooper finally gives us a tall guy for the end zone fade routes, which we haven't had in forever.
  • Defense should be better than last year.
  • Team's starting off fairly healthy.
  • Home game.
Why I think they could lose:
  • First game of the year and this team always starts slowly.
  • GB is a top notch opponent that can put up 40 a week.
  • Kolb will probably take a couple months to really hit his groove.
  • O-line has been very injured and hasn't played together yet this year
Basically, I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll steal a game here. Would be happy with them just keeping it close. Would be very disappointed if they get blown out. I think they'll do enough to pull it out though.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gotta see the optimisitc spin on this one.

I'm not so much annoyed at the continuous penalties, or the shoddy O line play, or the pathetic special teams coverage. Those plagued them all pre season. I am outright concerned about the following.

1. Weaver's career is done. When your knee turns into a flamingo knee, you'll pray you can walk straight someday. That is a massive loss.

2. Kolb made horrible decisions. I can live with jitters and uneven play, but he is a QB who has played the game forever, you can't keep throwing the ball up for grabs when things get tough.

3. The offenseive game plan. What the hell was that? Seriously? Did anyone watch film on Green Bay? That may be Andy's worst all time offensive game plan. No excuse. He did nothing to help the team win today and should be docked his game check.

I need to digest this more, but not a lot to like today.


7:37 PM EDT  
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