Thursday, December 21, 2006

Larry Brown Returning?

hooray! not only do the sixers absolutely suck, they're also considering bringing back larry brown. not really a surprise i guess.

how the heck can this team consider bringing him back after the way he left the team and all that BS he pulled. lest anyone forget, he forced the team to let fire him by quitting on the team, and the king of fools ed snider, in his rage, let him go to another team without compensation. (how the heck did that guy get rich?)

remember the last playoff series against the pistons? remember how the team called timeout and LB sat on the bench by himself? remember that? you know, the series when he decided that he wanted to coach that team instead of the sixers, starting a process where the pistons fired rick carlisle because LB surreptitiously let it be known that he wanted the job? of course the pistons got the same treatment in the end. i guess it was worth it for them since they got a title out of it, but frankly, i thought that team should have won 3 titles instead of the 1 they did win.

i'm sticking by my post a few months ago, larry brown is the devil:
who has the devil ever developed or "guided"? seriously? all mephistopheles does is bitch about people to the media. he doesn't develop them. yes, yes, satan is one of the best x's and o's coaches of all time, but it's well known that he doesn't develop young players and greatly prefers working with veterans who already know how to play. he doesn't have the patience, the temperment, or frankly the integrity to "develop" a headcase. by the time he leaves, the players know him for the weasel he is. they work with him every day. they know that everything non-basketball related that comes out of his mouth is complete bulldung. you never, *ever* hear an ex-larry brown player pining to be reunited with that turd. even danny manning (old cloven hoof's all-time favorite player) was once mortified at the thought of being reunited with lucifer.
the only hope i'm clinging to is that he's not coming in to coach the team. the ability to develop young players has to be a primary skill of the sixers coach. the devil is not the guy for that. sigh.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

I'm with you on this Mean Guy. I think that the Sixers are hard up for suggestions and Brown offers experience and quite frankly he knows how to win....not to say he's not the devil, which he is, but Snider is probably at his wits end with all of the losing. If I had to pick a coach that I would want right now I may pick Greg Popovich, ironically a Brown disciple....he has done a lot in San Antonio. They clean house, they win....I guess having Tim Duncan on your team allows you to do that. Part of turning this around, outside of the draft and getting some better free agents, I think, is really picking a better coach than Mo to run this....

9:32 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Shouldn't the process be pick GM, then pick a coach? Or is King definitely still sticking around?

Flyers/Sixers combined losing streak up to 18 games. What a wonderful little city we have here.

10:21 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Phil, I saw Billy King and Ed Snider on Daily News Live last night. I strongly believe that Snider has total confidence in King and that he is going nowhere. Snider is painfully loyal to his GMs (see Clarke)....and realistically he will be the one calling the shots in the draft....honestly, I don't think that he's drafted bad, but been off on free agents and locking up his own players with crappy contracts. I suspect Mo will be gone before King, but I think the slate will be wiped clean with AI leaving.

10:26 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Tidbit from Paul Domowitch's article 12/22: "The Eagles have had just seven dropped passes in the last six games, but still lead the league with 34. Just behind them are the Seahawks with 31. The Bears have the fewest drops, with seven. The 49ers are second with eight and the Bills are third with 11."

8:42 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Also: Said Jim McMahon: "If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have what we have. I wouldn't be able to be jobless for 10 years, just like I planned after I quit the NFL. I tell our kids they wouldn't have their cell phones and their trips to the mall. None of us would be sitting on our fat behinds on the coach every Sunday watching games. And what do our soldiers get in return? They hear us whine about the price of gas.''

How cool would it be to have a planned 10 year mini-retirement?

8:43 AM EST  
Blogger SRF said...

Larry Brown would be in a good situation, but it would tkae him 2 or 3 years to turn them into a true winner, but with the eastern conference, anyhting can happen.

This is pretty good, you should consider posting this to yardbarker.

5:11 PM EST  

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