Friday, December 16, 2005

Artest Trade Offers

laughed out loud while reading this article about artest trade offers. here is the passage that made me guffaw:
Many league executives say Artest might only be a good fit for a coach with a proven track record of working well with players needing extra guidance. Three that fit that mold include Phil Jackson of the Lakers, Pat Riley of Miami and Larry Brown of the Knicks.
larry brown? does this chris sheridan, mr. "espn insider" actually watch any basketball? who has the devil ever developed or "guided"? seriously? all mephistopheles does is bitch about people to the media. he doesn't develop them. yes, yes, satan is one of the best x's and o's coaches of all time, but it's well known that he doesn't develop young players and greatly prefers working with veterans who already know how to play. he doesn't have the patience, the temperment, or frankly the integrity to "develop" a headcase. by the time he leaves, the players know him for the weasel he is. they work with him every day. they know that everything non-basketball related that comes out of his mouth is complete bulldung. you never, *ever* hear an ex-larry brown player pining to be reunited with that turd. even danny manning (old cloven hoof's all-time favorite player) was once mortified at the thought of being reunited with lucifer. if beelzebub can't handle minor headcases like marbury or iverson, how's he going to handle artest? what a ridiculous notion. ha!

by the way, if i were the sixers i'd be more than entertaining the notion of sending igoudala to indiana for artest. i know everyone is high on iggy's future, but his upside maxes out about where artest already is (or even a notch below where artest already is). artest has already made his bones and gets away with things that igoudala is still getting called fouls.

despite what screamin' a opined the other day, i believe that adding artest would make the sixers a much, much better team and put them 4th in the conference behind detroit and miami and only slightly behind cleveland.

what i would do then is start:

pg - AI
sg - salmons
sf - artest
pf - webber
c - dalembert

now *that's* a team that could play some defense. korver becomes your sixth man, coming in for instant offense at the 2 or 3. that's a team i could get excited about.


Blogger Behan said...

You're right about Iggy's upside. He'll at best be about the defender Artest is, but without the post moves or handle. Of course, he won't be a locker room cancer. I'd be suprised if Billy King traded AI 2, though, I think he's a sacred cow in that orgainization because he's the only truely good young player they've drafted since Dalembert in '01. Way to keep giving away 1st rounders, BK.

If they could swing an AI 2 for Artest deal, it might work out with the Iverson/Webber era. They both have 2 years left, so the Sixers make a run the next two years, hopefully getting through the inevitable bumps in the road, and at the end of the run, blow it up and start over young.

9:39 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

agree wholeheartedly. there's no sense in planning for the post-iverson era. they're going to be terrible for a few years after AI is gone no matter what they do (unless they were to luck into another franchise player). AI2 is not a franchise player. he's not going to be able to carry a team into the playoffs.

getting artest would enable this team to compete for the next few seasons before they have to tear it down and start all over.

10:23 AM EST  

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