Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Game 12 Addendum

before anyone goes overboard and starts having delusions of grandeur (i don't think anyone will), just make sure you factor in these things when assessing last night's win:

- panthers have a horrible defense
- jake delhomme was the opposing QB
- panthers best RB was out and the eagles d still got gashed on the ground and on screens
- garcia was very good last night. the jury is still out on whether it was mirage or that's what we can expect from him consistently.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

First off let me see it may have been one of my best experiences at any Eagles game. Good tailgate with Joe, Steve, Mean Guy, the Captain, Bumble, Phil and myself. It was great putting faces and voices with ranting and raving. Secondly, I enjoyed the game from one perspective only...the Eagles fought the entire game and when it counted they made a big play. This is the second game that Lito has saved for us. The Eagles frigging won, good tailgate, good buzz, funny drunken commentary behind us..."hey the Eagles signed Patterson till 2150"..., good offensive showing, nail-biting victory....and best of all they didn't embarrass themselves. I have no delusions from this, just glad for a win. Bumble and I saw McDougle get in for 2 plays, get sucked in and miss a tackle on a running play that bounced back his way. Then he got yanked. Boy he stinks. Did Bunkley play at all? I think Stallworth is a player. This is what a "back-up" QB does. And that is what Garcia is at this point...a back up. And he got us a win against one of the better (how bad is that) teams in the NFC.

1:20 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great tailgate. Definitely a good time there. Happy with the overall result of the game. Stadium definitely lacked the electricity on a Monday night game w/playoff indications. As tmg mentioned, there's a sort of pallor over the fans enthusiasm at this point. Still -- a good game, a good time & definitely worth the effort. Good meeting all you guys !!


3:59 PM EST  
Anonymous The Jesus With A Rifle Dude said...



4:13 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Let me add, I thought it was great finally put faces to aliases as well. Maybe we should make this a more frequent occurance.

I am happy that they won, but thankfully not as emotionally "up" after it as I would normally be. They will NOT suck me back in.

I'm also happy there's still some fight left in this dog, but think it might just be the quality of the opponent. Offense scored on every possession in 2H. Is that good coaching or execution? Issues are all with the D, not the O.

4:15 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was definitely a great tailgate. at least once a year we should try to repeat, with perhaps a local bar being a once a year tailgate spot of sorts for the road games.

the game was fantastic as well, and its hard to get excited when you are going to be happy about the result when youre secretly dreading the fact that they might now finish 8-8 and not get a good draft pick, but if they make the playoffs and get the shit kicked out of them it will still have been worth it, and hey, from a financial perspective pete you can sell those playoff tix for 3x facevalue minimum

9:42 PM EST  
Blogger MS69 said...

Going back to the other post, I stopped bitching about the pass/run ratio awhile ago. Its never going to change, so whats the point?

Did Carolina looks as slow in person? They look really slow on tv to me.

12:04 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I didn't notice them being slow. DeAngelo looked like a speedster though.

Garcia seemed very adept at slipping tackles though. Think he greased up for the game?

10:10 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Going back to the other post, I stopped bitching about the pass/run ratio awhile ago. Its never going to change, so whats the point?

just to clarify, ms69, i wasn't pointing to you or any fans in general, that comment was more intended for the morning/moron guys at wip.

11:35 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a great time at the game! That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

I'm a little jealous, especially since I couldn't be there or even watch the game on TV.

Maybe next year.

Ed Wade's friend,


8:41 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No post or game assessment is really complete untilthe Captain passes his final verdict. Cap, any parting thoughts on what you saw Monday and what you hope/expect to see this week?


9:06 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was happy to see that they didn't quit - there IS still some fight left in this dog, but the bottom line is that this team doesn't go far in the playoffs without Mc5, so now we're just enjoying football for football's sake. I am really looking forward to the Saints/Cowboys Sunday night game this week. As for the Eagles/Redskins - we will destroy the skins because they absolutely SUCK !! This will be more a reflection of their ineptitude than our dominance, but I'll take it.
....and that's the bottom line, cause Captain Z said so !!!!!!!

12:56 PM EST  

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