Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Possible Phillies Deals

seems like gillick has some deals brewing -- most of them seemingly good ones.

The White Sox have a surplus of starting pitchers and are looking to deal Freddy Garcia, Javier Vazquez or Mark Buehrle. It is believed that the Phillies are focused on Garcia, a righthander who won 17 games last season and pitched for the Seattle Mariners when Gillick was that team's GM from 2000-03.

To get Garcia, the Phils most likely would have to part with centerfielder Aaron Rowand and a prospect, possibly pitcher Gavin Floyd, and maybe more.

If the Phils were successful in landing Garcia, or another pitcher from the White Sox' stable, they could then peddle Jon Lieber to Milwaukee for outfielder Kevin Mench and late-game reliever Derrick Turnbow, a former Phillies farmhand. That deal appears to be in place, pending the outcome of talks between the Phils and White Sox.
seems like would these be good baseball deals and they would improve the team greatly. also, it would replace one fan favorite (rowand) with another scrapper very likely to be popular (mench).

plus, mench has the biggest head in baseball so that's another plus in my book.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

Plus, Mench went to a stellar local university and he's an Eagles season ticket holder...seriously.

9:07 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope there is some truth to these rumors. It's getting exciting to see Pat Gillick pull himself away long enough from the bar stool to try to improve this squad.

I'm convinced that Chicago isn't stupid enough to trade Freddy Garcia or Mark Buehrle for Aaron Rowand, but even if we can land the serviceable Javier Vazquez, I'd be satisfied. Vazquez has fallen off the map for the last three years, but he's still only 29-30ish. When he pitched for the Expos, I thought he was something special. Maybe he can recapture the magic. If the Phillies can get Garcia or Buerle, I'll carry Rowand's bags.

Rowand is in fact a fan favorite, but he shouldn't be. Forgetting "the play," what I see is a guy who is wreckless in pursuit of pretending to hustle (by running into walls for the purpose of getting ovations, or knocking down Utley for no apparent reason), who is injury prone, who can't hit, and who has a (big) girl's arm. He covers a lot of ground in center, but no more than Shane Victorino (who is a much better player).

I'd hate to see the Phillies give up on Gavin Floyd, because one day he MIGHT be a star. But after watching him come close to tears twice on the mound earlier this year, I'd take the chance and cut the cord. I'm guessing we'll also need to say good-bye to Gio Gonzales to make this pipe-dream trade a reality.

If anything happens with the Sox, the Phillies better make damn certain they're not getting damaged goods. The pitchers in question are too good to get in a deal that centers around Aaron Rowand (unless the Sox know something we don't).

Jon Leiber? I can't stand the guy. He's fat and lazy and pitches effectively ONLY when his location is perfect. I can't stand listening to him make excuses and discuss "arm slots," "mechanics," or any other happy horseshit.

I'd like more than Kevin Mench in the outfield, but it isn't going to happen through a trade and all the free agents are gone. Fine. He can hit .275 and knock HRs. Sounds like DD, but at least we'll pick up a draft pick when he leaves for Cleveland.

I didn't realize Mench went to a stellar local university - I'm pretty sure he was a Bluehen:)

Let's see what Gillick can do. So far, he's proved to be a stiff.

Ed Wade

1:31 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ed, how dare you (hic) diss me...this vodka isn't going to drink itself...oh wait a minute, today I am drinking was Monday morning....

Tequila Sunrise Pat

P.S./?L>>>>>>............(I fell on the keyboard), Mench was a Blue Hen and I drank with him in the Balloon, Deer Park, DU, Klondike's, Sbarro's, Dickinson C, the railroad tracks, 7-11.....

1:49 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw your head at Bumble's wedding, Big Dog, and I'm reasonably sure there is a Newark ordinance that would have prevented it from occupying space simultaneously with Mench's in the Deer Park.

By the way, my way better half is a Blue Hen also. What a great place to watch a football game! We used to go 2-3 times a year when my father-in-law had season tickets on the 50 yard line. He followed the Hens like some others follow the Grateful Dead (joining the team on road trips, etc).

Long live Tubby Raymond (even though I detest the Phillie Phanatic).

Ed Wade

9:06 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ed, when did your wife graduate...I was in the lower 2/3rds of the class of 1991....and yes, my head and Mench's may have not been able to fit in the Balloon at the same time.

8:51 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're ancient, Doggie. Wendy graduated in 1984.


9:35 AM EST  

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