Sunday, December 10, 2006

Game 13 Thoughts

a game that started out as a drubbing and ended up (once again) with the eagles holding on for dear life. meh. the nice thing is that everyone else sucks too. indy getting trampled by jax, NE shutout by the dolphins, cowboys squashed by NO.

- eagles continue to get gashed on the run, nothing new there. still lots of missed tackles.

- the michael lewis return TD was nice, but the play was really made by william james. james doesn't get in the game that much, but when he does, i think he's playing as well or better than anyone else in the secondary.

- garcia played ok, but he got away with 2 picks again. mcnabb would be getting creamed on air and in the press.

eagles get a gift win to keep them in the playoff race.



Anonymous Phil said...

Agreed. Boy do the Skins suck. This is going to be a painful team to watch for the next 3 games.

Either Garcia needs to start throwing to WRs past the sticks on 3rd down or they need to start running routes that go beyond the markers. Think he completed 2 or 3 passes on 3rd down that didn't pick up the necessary yardage. This must stop.

This was the first time JJ's BBDB defense (aka bend but don't break) has actually worked well in a long time (since 2004?). Despite the run "defense" being awful, I think the D may have outplayed the offense for the first time in forever. Maybe this Gaither kid can play. I wonder why it took the coaches till December to think of moving him to WIL.

12:23 PM EST  
Blogger Van said...

I couldn't agree more with phil's comments. It drives me nuts when QBs throw the ball for less than the distance for the 1st on 3rd down.

I don't know why every team doesn't just run the ball until the Eagles stack the box. There's a reason why our DBs have so many tackles.

Also, Dhani Jones has got to stop the air guitar thing when he finally drags someone down after a 5 yard gain.

12:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have we ever seen an eagles D softer than this one? They get moved at will. The lack of LB is finally killing them as they have no one who can prevent massive ten yard runs up the middle. i have no clue why Gibbs uses Betts for 171 yards between the twenties and then stops running him. If I were an opposing coach, I would run on every down vs. the Birds. they could stack the box and not stop it.

They need to seriously upgrade their D this off season. Walker, Trotter, Dhani, Howard, McCoy, and Trucker should not be back because none can play.

Anyone know why they refsue to give Bunkley any snaps? There is a story here. he certainly cannot be worse than walker has been playing.


1:14 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Bunkley can't still be in the dog house over getting into camp late, can he?

2:35 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that he's in the dog house. He came in late and couldn't get with the program. He's been playing catch up ever since. Plus, I think he's lazy.


1:32 PM EST  

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