Monday, December 18, 2006

Iverson Update

latest from espn's marc stein:
The Nuggets, then, remain at the forefront of the Iverson chase, where they've been since the middle of last week, largely because they're offering Philly two picks in the first round of the June draft. No other Iverson suitor has matched that pitch yet, but the Nuggets still must find a third team to absorb the long-term contract of Nene -- or placing Reggie Evans somewhere can also make the salary-cap math work -- to satisfy all of the Sixers' current demands.

Philly has made it quite clear that it wants nothing but expiring contracts along with those draft picks, along with its chief aim of getting back a top-flight youngster like Minnesota's Randy Foye or Shaun Livingston of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Those names, of course, aren't just picked at random. Philly's longstanding interest in the Villanova-schooled Foye will continue to keep Minnesota in the race, but the short-on-assets Wolves -- who don't have a tradeable first-round pick for the rest of the decade -- need a third-team conduit to complete a trade as much as Denver.
Multiple sources, meanwhile, insisted over the weekend that the Clippers are an increasingly feasible destination for Iverson. The Clips have indeed shown interest in Iverson for months, but only at a certain price. Translation: The Clips have been interested only in building a deal around the very available Corey Maggette and keeping Livingston out of it.

Although there's been no indication that the Clips are prepared to lift Livingston's untouchable tag, sources say Philly remains hopeful that the Clips will eventually relent if their 4-11 slump deepens. Dragging out the race, as Sixers general manager Billy King publicly announced on Sunday he is willing to do, also raises the possibility that the list of suitors will grow. Miami unexpectedly stated an interest last week and more teams could follow as the season takes greater shape.
getting two first rounders is by far the best thing the sixers could hope for in an iverson deal. my gosh, i hope that happens. foye is going to be a nice nba player, but this franchise has to get itself a big man. i only know of one guy in the history of the nba who was able to win without a big man... and i don't see any michael jordan's running around these days.

getting the picks is step one. step two is finding someone other than billy king to use them.



Anonymous Phil said...

I've only been kinda following this on scrapplelog, but is King doing something smart here? Wouldn't the dumb old King have already traded AI away by now? Is there now a remote possibility that his trade value is now up into the 70 cent range?

1:15 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Billy King basically has decimated the Sixers and is only using the Barkley trade as what not to do with a marketable star. Billy King needs to be held accountable for all of the Sixers struggles...including hiring Mo Cheeks who is not an adequate NBA coach. He jumped as soon as Mo was available. Jim O'Brien was not a bad coach...he had the spectacular, but un-placeable Iverson who disliked him actually trying to coach him....he's tied up marginal-at-best players to un-tradeable contracts, misfired on complementary scorers to AI and fired the wrong coaches....other than that he's fine. He absolutely had to change the make-up of this team in the off-season and if bonehead hadn't had his value-lowering "changing the culture" comment, Iverson would have been an ex-Sixer prior to this season starting. King, and I know this is sacrilege, is worse than Head Wade...not as demeaning, but Wade's teams were at least competitive...this team has no identity, few NBA caliber players, and is just unlikable. Pro basketball is a non-entity in this town....and it's going to take literally blowing up and trading all of the marketbable pieces off to start over....that includes changing head coach, player personnal assessment (GM in this case) and maybe even changing their nicknames, team colors and uniforms. What a f-in' mess!!!!

1:46 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Sixers/Flyers combined losing streak is now up to 17 games. Sweet.

4:49 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

It's done. AI to Denver for 2 picks, Miller, and Smith. Good deal?

4:27 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It depends what you're looking for, Phil.

If the answer is the opportunity to rebuild your team into something potentially better in 2-3 years, the answer is a clear "yes."

If you're looking to be entertained in the near term, the answer is "not necessarily."

The Sixers had no good option here and did the best they could. I'm sure the Mean Guy will write Larry Brown a thank-you note, since ultimately "the devil" signed off on this deal (or at least told Billy King he should).

Ed Wade

9:34 PM EST  

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