Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iverson a Nugget

sixers trade iverson and ivan mcfarlin to denver for andre miller, joe smith, and 2 first round picks in 2007 (denver and dallas).

probably the best deal they could have done. they'll still only have their own lottery pick since denver and dallas are both likely to make the playoffs, but i'm glad they got picks instead of just expiring contracts. that would probably have irritated me almost as much as getting nothing in return for abreu irritated ben.

next steps for the sixers:

- lose
- lose
- lose

it's greg oden or bust, sixers. i hope you're smart enough to realize it.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

I honestly don't hate this trade....I think you got a little bit of everything, expiring contract, starter and 2 #1 the NBA draft has basically become a 5-10 player draft, with the Sixers likely to be a top 5 draft team...what this does do is force them to start over and build through the draft....I have been tough on King and I don't want him to be the guy with the cards, but I honestly don't think he's done a horrible job drafting players....when he got Dalembert he was a low first round pick which almost translates to the 5th round in the NFL draft...he actually got 2 servicable second round picks in Green and Korver, I do love Iguodala, especially if he steps his game up, and I think Carney is going to be a solid NBA contributor. But he just can't represent this team anymore....I think that you need an experienced, veteran GM who brings in a coach who is familar with coaching a young team. You need to rebuild, deep six some of this roster and bring in some veteran leaders and role players. You also need a big man in the pivot. Again, the only guys that I think that you keep on this team next year are Andre Miller, Iguodala, Carney, Bobby Jones, Kyle Korver, Green, Dalembert (but I would try to move him), maybe Louis Williams if he can show he can play in the NBA and Webber because you have to. Williams, Dalembert, and Webber would be extremely expendable and if you need to package Korver with one of them, so be it. Larry Brown is not the guy you want to build this team considering he doesn't play rookies. If we got Oden, and how great would that be if we did, that's the start of something, especially if we were able to get a young power forward with one of the other picks....maybe you keep Dalembert around just because he is a defense specialist....and tell Webber going in to the season that he is going to be 7th or 8th man off the bench and that your team is on a youth movement. Maybe he magically will have a career ending mystery injury that will put him on a year long DL.

7:44 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"but i'm glad they got picks instead of just expiring contracts. that would probably have irritated me almost as much as getting nothing in return for abreu irritated ben."

Critical thought: There is no salary cap in baseball. Getting salary relief in basketball has WAY more real value.

Ed Wade

8:31 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ed, that is why the NBA is such a joke. At this point, I think the NBA is a slight bit better than rollerball. However, tatooed tough girls can be entertaining....I would say World's Strongest Man and Arena Football, but I like both hoops is so much better than the NBA it's almost comical now. At least in this town. I would rather watch Duke, who play like 6 freshman, a Big Five battle, or even Herb Magee's Textile (now Philadelphia University) than the Sixers!!!

9:04 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Critical thought: There is no salary cap in baseball. Getting salary relief in basketball has WAY more real value.

good point.

9:14 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Dog -

Give the high school game a shot. We've seen games at Wissahickon and Bensalem in the last couple of weeks and had a blast.


9:51 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I've had some time to stew over it, so I think it's time to throw something out there....getting rid of Iverson is probably the smartest thing that the Sixers have done in the past 10 years. The last best thing is when they drafted him. I have been very on the fence with this, but I thought that I would throw this out there....
When Iverson first got to the league he was a high motor point guard....he could make plays (which he did his entire career), and he injected life into a dead franchise. But then he began to transcend the game....he began the whole downfall of the league with the "me-first" hip-hop, tatooed, funky hair and headband, ESPN highlight reel, drives to the is flash with no substance. BUT, he battled on the court and left it there everytime he played....I think that the typical Philly fan loves that attitude....lunch pail, diving for balls, high energy style, emotional play. And to be honest, I thought that was very admirable and I loved it...but for every good trait there was a bad one...maybe even 2 for every one....for all his shots, he never played defense....he has hurt the growth of Iguodala and if he stayed longer, other players like Willie Green and maybe even Carney never would have gotten need to go to practice and make your off-court can't carry guns and break into houses when you are in the public eye....don't party with your boys and smoke weed in public places on South Street...dress like a professional, it's not much to's all part of the deal. But he never thought it was!! It is.

You can't succeed over the long haul with a 6-foot 2 guard. You can't keep shooting when you are off...other players need their shots. I honestly think that he is a star that really hurt the team, killed any coach that acted like a coach, and prevented the Sixers growth. He did, I'm sorry, he did. You can't win wars with can win battles but not wars.
If the Sixers play their cards right, they can get out of this in as little as 2-3 years....I think that they have some pieces that can work...Green, Korver, Iggy, Carney....Dalembert is okay if he is not a starter and can spot your starting center. You need a back to the basket, defensive presence scoring center and you need a true Point Guard who is a QB that can run the need to play defense and rebound. If they do the right thing, the drought may not be that long....but the Answer wasn't part of the solution.

9:25 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AI is at best 5' 11"

11:28 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I meant it to be a 6 foot two (shooting) guard, as compared to a 6 foot point guard

12:42 PM EST  

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