Thursday, March 02, 2006

full mickelson

holy sh*t. phil mickelson has blown right past plump and headlong into fat. he looks like a gigantic version of the fat, red-haired catcher in "the sandlot".

sorry for the lack of activity. i'm working 20 hours a day lately... (no sh*t).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about the workload Peter. You should try to get out and come to one of our poker games sometime.

Anyway, I think the Flyers have been exposed. After watching them play the 2 teams they needed to make a stand against, I think we see exactly what (like was predicted by many here) wil happen in the 1st round....
Esche sucks, our D sucks, and there's no team leadership.

Oh, and Kasperitis has to be the biggest pussy I've ever seen. Ok, I'm a small guy, and no, there's no fucking way I want to fight a monster like Brashear. But to drop and cower like a little girl in an NHL hockey game ..... Dude, I'd rather be carried off broken and unconscious after Brashear removed my jawbone and beat me with it..


9:23 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Flyers get knocked out in round 2, not round 1.

1:11 PM EST  

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