Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sixers Trade Rumors

probably nothing is going to happen with these, but i guess the rumors that are floating around are:

- AI to minnesota for KG straight up
- AI to denver for nene, earl watson, pick
- hunter and ollie to cleveland for eric snow

the top one is interesting. not that i want to do it, but a starting lineup of salmons, igoudala, KG, c-webb, and dalembert is intriguing. i guess you could also be looking at snow, igoudala, KG, c-webb, and dalembert.

i'll believe it when it happens. it would certainly enable the sixers to match up with detroit's height, but guard play would be suspect.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

After watching the Sixers last night, something dawned on me....I don't want Billy King doing anything for this team. Pretty much every move he has made has been either bad or non-productive. He has given bad contracts in an era where teams trade for players whose contract are going to expire to get relief (look at Dalembert, Korver, and C-Webb), made horrible off-season acquisitions (Nailon, Hunter, Skinner), made in-season moves that mave have looked good on paper at the time, but are now bad for the team cap-wise (C-Webb), not figured out the best coach for this team, and not built a team the complements your franchise player. I want him to do nothing because whatever it is it will be bad.

9:57 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Whew!! Billy did not make a crappy bad is that....not wanting to make a move because the GM will botch it up. I have been on the anti-King bandwagon for a long time. He is a disaster. He must go and the only way to win is to have a coach who will rule that team with an iron fist....oh wait, you can't because there will be outrage and the players wont' play (see Chris Ford)for you. What a cess pool of slop and disaster surrounded by a desert of dispair in a land of plague and pestilence.

4:36 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

man, this site is dying faster than my lame-o attempt at blogging did....anyway this is a big week for Eagles fans. Free agency begins thus signalling the start of football season. A previous post had me very concerned with Tom Heckert's interview with Reuben Frank...basically stating that last year was a fluke, they love their young talent, blah blah. I really do think that that is lip service. I would not be surprised if the Eagles are fairly aggessive with some free agents. I think that Heckert is just the vanilla, bland face that the Eagles organization wants to give to the media. Some names that I have heard the Eagles are interested in is Randle-El and Kendrick Clancy of the Giants. Both make sense.....Randle-El is a non-threatening good guy who can also return punts and Clancy will be relatively cheap in the grand scheme of free agency. Clancy is a rotation guy who the Eagles love. When it's working, like it did a couple of years ago, a rotation lets guys always have fresh legs and make plays. When it's not and guys are injured, it is last year when the little guys are beaten up and the Eagles get run and passed all over. Also heard that Runyan's tenure is basically over, Thomas looks to bounce back and it looks like Herreman's will be a starting right guard with the Big Kid moving out to RT. Also it looks as if though Honey Buns is going to be relegated to back up. Jamaal Jackson is probably going to be the man in the middle which I am happy with. Think that Hicks basically sucks so I would be interested to see how that plays out. He's a better back-up tackle than a starting guard. I would not be surprised to see the Eagles either draft an OL with that first pick or pick up a free agent. Bad news that I heard is that the Eagles like Parry which is baffling. A name that I heard also in the mix at FB is Tapeh who is coming off an injury. I like that better as he is more of a RB which means that he can hopefully get a few yards here and there and maybe even catch a ball out of the backfied. Another name to keep an eye on is Greg Richmond. Another guy who was hurt last year. I heard that Johnson actually thought that he was going to make a serious run at starting OLB last year before getting derailed by injury. Would not be surprised to see the Eagles draft a QB this year either on the first day. I was watching the combine a little this weekend (boy am I pathetic) and I really like the arm of Darrel Hackney out of UAB. He is kind of a Culpepper-like QB with a rocket on his shoulder.

9:16 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Mike Anderson is now a free agent. Wouldn't he look pretty nice as an Eagle?

1:40 PM EST  

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