Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Larry Brown In Hell

ho ho, ha ha. apparently the knicks are trying to trade for steve francis. this is the most entertaining sports news i've read in a while.

are you kidding? this is *terrific* news! is it possible to stock a roster full of players that larry brown would hate to coach more?

isiah thomas must secretly hate beelzebrown. there is no other explanation for the way he's building this roster. he knows that coaching a starbury/franchise backcourt would literally kill brown.

i hope this happens... am i a bad person for wishing this happens?



Anonymous Anonymous said...


OK, I watched 5 mins of Olympics last night. I just happpen to catch a fall that a female US downhill competitor took during a practice run. Holy crap, I thought she was going to pass out from the pain. Chick spends overnight in the hospital, takes the next day off, then competes in her event admitting that even with the pain killers and therapy she was in a lot of pain still.

She placed 8th. OK, she was ranked higher, but 8th in the Olympics after a fall like that. Her balls are bigger than everyone who reads this blog combined...

And remember, the difference between Gold and 8th at the Olympic level is the time it took you to read the last 4 words of this sentence.

- Joe

10:11 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

did you see the other girl involved in a crash who ended up skiing? at least the girl from the us hurt her bottom. the french girl (or wherever she was from) took it right in the mush.

holy crap, she ended up looking just like eric stoltz in mask.

12:19 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Not to change subjects again, but I think I finally figured out what Gillick is doing....why the hell would he publicly come out and say his pitching is suspect?....would you want to trade with this man? of course you would, if you wanted to trade Bobby Abreu for your 5th pitcher....he's obviously NOT looking to trade for a pitcher at this point....he is just publicly calling out his pitchers and challenging their manhood. Look how Brett Myers reacted....that is what Gillick is doing, psychological warfare....and he can't lose....if they don't come through they are not supposed to and if they do....he has not lost anything and gained a he has kept his core outfield (pretty good) good infield except for Bell...a catcher whose offensive statistics surprisingly are no worse than any of the big names that were floating around this off-season. And he also has psychologically challenged Bell by bringing in not 1, but now 2 veterans who can challenge for at bats. And they were cheap. And now he is going to deep six Tomas Perez whose pie throwing shtick has grown old. Plus he deep sixed the surly Jason Burrell can't buddy buddy with him. Overall, I guess, initially I thought that the off-season went good, bad, very bad (no activity), okay and overall I can live with not trading Abreu or Burrell.

Thank god that we are almost through the winter sports blahs (at least for me) in this town sucks, except for college which is actually very exciting, hockey doesn't get interesting until the play-offs, plus March Madness, baseball and football free agency is on this horizon in 2 weeks.

2:01 PM EST  

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