Wednesday, February 08, 2006

rick tocchet

the big news in town is that the rocket was nabbed in a sting operation and is being accused of financing a gambling ring run by a NJ state trooper. i'm not sure if tocchet is actually guilty or not and if he is whether he'll be facing jail time, but i do know that this will have no impact on how i remember tocchet as a player.

rocket played for a lot of teams in his career, but in my mind he'll always be a flyer. tocchet personifies the ideal of a what a flyer should be -- skilled and tough with a lot of heart. if he isn't my favorite flyer of all time, he certainly is in the top 3.

good luck with your legal battle rick!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, even if he is guilty, he won't do any jail time because his alleged crimes had no connection to violence (odd that his LEGAL job does...)

I found it a very telling statement about how thin the evidence is against him when his lawyer released a statement saying that they were shocked at the charges, and Tocchet would fight all false charges. Now that doesn't say he's innocent, but it could point to the prosecution having a small case.....Who knows. Frankly I don't give a rat's ass.
I can bet online, go to Vegas, AC, riverboats, etc... and gamble. The only thing I would even be marginally indignant about is Rick's not disclosing income meaning he didn't pay his taxes.

The hype that this has ALREADY attained shows how little the FBI and NJ cops can do against this kind of crime, and that the media in general is lost like a little girl in the woods, not knowing anything about what the general people find newsworthy.

- Joe

10:47 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

All defense lawyers always say they're shocked and their client is not guilty. Wouldn't be a very good lawyer otherwise.

The more interesting take is that this seems to be bigger news than the lockout was.

I also don't care that much and agree with Chris that Tocchet is perhaps my favorite Flyer behind maybe only Desjardain or however you spell his name.

3:39 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Brind'Amour gets no love?

10:02 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

rod was a good player, but frankly i never understood why some flyers fans loved him so much.

my top favorite flyers:

- mark howe
- rick tocchet
- pelle lindbergh
- legion of doom (can i count them as one player? if not, then eric lindros)
- dave brown

11:42 AM EST  

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