Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tuesday Links

- westbrook out for the season... again. it's always something with this guy. the eagles caved to the pressure and gave this guy money that, truthfully, he doesn't deserve. he's a third down back. a great third down back, but a third down back nonetheless. he doesn't get you tough yards. he doesn't break tackles. he's constantly injured. they should have stuck to their guns in this lost season and spent the money on edge.

- john smallwood agrees that it might be a good idea for andy to give up GM responsibilities.

- backup qb situation is pitiful to say the least. i thought it was a good signing last offseason. i thought mcmahon had gotten a raw deal in detroit in getting moved out because harrington was such a high draft pick. as it turns out, he probably got moved out because he stinks to high heaven.

- bob ford says andy has two choices for the rest of the season -- play all out and risk getting blown out or play not to lose to keep the score down. i choose option c) tank the season and draft matt leinart (just kidding).

- who wants to bet that the team who showed up to honor reggie wouldn't kill the current eagles?

- flyers win in a shootout last night. is it me or are the refs basically going back to calling the games like they used to? is it possible that after all the talk about clutching and grabbing being an emphasis, it lasted less than 20 games?

- cole hamels got some sand trapped in his p*ssy and might be out for a while

- pat gillick working on deals. so this is what it's like to have a real GM. it's been too long.

- moses in town to teach the sixers how to rebound. how can you get to the pros and not know how to rebound?

- desjardins on the shelf. forsberg on the shelf. pitkanen on the shelf. by the way, is there an epidemic of sports hernias these days? what the hell are people doing to themselves that they're shredding their abdominal muscles so readily? it must be something in their training regimens, no? all the recent focus on "core strength" likely has something to do with it.


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, this could be your best posting of the year. Great links, great input, pretty much echoes all my sentiments exactly. By the way, got a call for Bumble last night about the Lis Franc (on my answering machine)....I think that the Eagles caved on Westbrook. You can't control injuries, but I wouldn't have given him the money (I think he and I both agreed on that)...John Smallwood's article is dead on.

9:11 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

The instant...the very instant...they said Westbrook sprained his foor, I knew I was going to hear "lis-franc".

If I ever meet Dr. Lis-Franc, I'm going to twist his foot clean off.

9:35 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

My mistake. Westbrook sprained his foot, not his foor.

9:35 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

don't you think it's about time they can stop saying things like

"An MRI exam Tuesday confirmed Westbrook has a Lis Franc injury, an injury more common in automobile accidents and equestrian sports."

lis franc injuries seem pretty damn common in the nfl these days.

9:48 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think the Lis-franc has something to do with modern footwear? More worry over the logo than the lining?

Great shootout last night. I agree, the refs are back to their old ways, are more (is that possible?) inconsistant, and apaprently think hooking is touching someone else with your stick. I think they should allow the coaches to speak publically about this.

- Joe

10:17 AM EST  
Blogger Behan said...

Edge James has alot of miles on him already. He has more touches in his career than backs who have been in the league longer than he has (Tiki, Stephen Davis, Priest, similar #s to Corey Dillon). Three of those guys are already breaking down. And Edge has a history of knee problems, including one major injury. I doubt Indy gives him anything longer than a couple year deal (based on signing bonus, not the "length" of the contract).

It's hard to call Westbrook a "third-down" back when he averaged over 5 YPA when he had a) a FB, b) a change of pace back, c) guards. Most successful backs have at least two of the three, for the past two seasons Westie's had none, unless you count Dorsey, and his coach hasn't shown any committment to the run.

The reason I like signing West is he's the best receiving back in the league, and if this team is going to go 60/40 or worse, they need a guy like him the D can't match up with. He was the best player on the O during the playoffs last year, in all three games the NFL films crew caught the other team talking about how they have to look for 36. I don't expect Andy to go 50/50 next season, so for now Westie's the best the Birds can get.

11:03 AM EST  

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