Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Links

happy friday everyone! wasn't able to post too much this week... damn work...

- mark kram on when reggie white first joined the eagles. i remember that buddy ryan (i think in his first training camp with the eagles) declared that reggie white was/would be the greatest defensive lineman to ever play pro football. the bears d-line, especially dan hampton, went apeshit when they heard that. considering how little reggie had accomplished up to that point, it's amazing that buddy would say that, but boy was buddy right about it.

- great analysis of dink and dunk passing at

- the eagles game at st. louis on dec 18 is now a 1 pm game

- a good challenge coming up for trent cole. incidentally, walter jones is considered to be the "best tackle in football" all of a sudden. i've only watched him play a few times, but imo if he's the best tackle in the biz then we must have a bad crop of tackles in the nfl these days. he's good, but he's no all-timer.

- as expected, the phillies signed tom gordon to be their closer. his numbers look pretty good, but i can't believe he's still playing. the phillies tried to get him for von hayes, what, 15 years ago?

- phils claim abreau is not going anywhere. i'd give him to boston for manny if they were interested...

- hopkins/taylor II this weekend. remember when you could actually watch boxing on TV? those were the days. even ali was on TV back in the day. i think the switch to pay per view is part of the problem with boxing. since fewer people watch boxing now or even get to watch boxing now, fewer kids choose boxing over the other sports. that's a big part of the reason why you have such a mediocre product now.

- screaming a had a really great column yesterday
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Blogger The Big Dog said...

Glad the Eagles game is at 1 PM....I hate Monday Night games, followed by Sunday Night games, followed by 4 PM games....I love Sundays at 1 PM...I can get up, drink my coffee, read the paper, do my few Sunday errands and then it's football

I agree with you on boxing. I love boxing. Besides the 4 majors, I also like boxing and golf. Very depressing that the only "big name" around is really the Executioner. But he is only big because he is from Philly. Who is the HWT champ? Seriously, didn't Klitchko retire? Is it David Tua? There are no middle weights anymore, either. What happened to the days of Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, and Marvelous Marvin Hagler....I would even take Mustafa Hamsho, Vinny "the Pazmanian Devil" Pazienaza, Greg "the Hit Man" Haugen, and Bobby watching Bert Sugar talk about the good old days...boxing is just a vile, crooked sport now with too many belts

What do you think of what the Phils are doing? Some other rumors floating around are Abreu going to Baltimore for Jay Gibbons and Bedard or Pat Burrell going to Arizona with Cole Hamels for Troy Glaus and another good, young many rumors....I would strongly, believe, however that Abreu will get traded.

9:41 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Boxing on pay-per-view, MMA on basic cable.

I think that's a step up, but that's just me (although I love Hopkins).

Did you get permission to quote that much of Smith's collumn verbatim?

11:14 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i love boxing as well, or used to anyway. i loved boxing when there was a heavyweight champ -- the one guy, regardless of title belts who you could look at and say "that's the champ". there hasn't been one since holyfield and that is sad.

re: the phils. i think it's pretty clear to me that gillick (regardless of what he said coming in), thinks this team has zero chance to win and is going to break it down and build it back up. i say good riddance to all of the soul-less players on this team.

12:05 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

yeah, i called smith on the phone. he said "BLAH, BLAAAAAH!" so we're good.

12:07 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard something this morning about Boston not trading Manny because they would have to pay him a huge amount of money NOT to play in Boston because of how his contract is written. It was just a blurb and I wasn't that interested though.
I miss boxing. Philadelphia used to be a HUGE part of the boxing world too.

Flyers seem to be having trouble with Tampa Bay this year, but apparently few other teams. Their biggest problem seems to be that the refs are seriously on the take.

Hey, did you hear about the fiasco with the NFL refs giving secret apologies and talks to coaches after games about blown calls. I think all that shit should be right out in the open, and the refs should be forced to publicly apologize, and hold press conferences when that shit happens...

- Joe

1:50 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Joe, I like your input. Straight, honest and to the point.

Philadelphia has always been known as a boxing city, as well as, a basketball city. Joe Frazier, Wilt the Stilt, that famous boxing arena in North Philly (the Blue something I forget), the Executioner. By the way, the Executioner is such an ironic name...Hopkins is more of a methodical boxer. He baits you for 3 rounds until you are kind of beat from over-punching him tryint to knock him out, then he chips away at you in the middle rounds, winning most of them, then he totally has you in the later rounds. He is more of a python than an executioner.

2:26 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

bernard hopkins, as we see him now, gets by on guile and strategic superiority, but don't forget the youthful "exectutioner" ruined many fighters -- several never fought again after fighting hopkins.

he was a devastating puncher in his youth.

2:53 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Blue Horizon.

Greta place for the atmosphere, and the knowledge of the people in the stands, but's like a high school gymnasium.

4:59 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Anybody willing to bet the Eagles win on Monday just to prolong the agony? And whoever thought the Eagles would play a home game this year and get 4 points. Man, this NFL thing is tough to figure out.

6:05 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Boxing on pay-per-view, MMA on basic cable.

I think that's a step up, but that's just me (although I love Hopkins).

i like mma, but there are so many styles and organizations around. which one is the best?

UFC seems to be getting a lot of air on spike, so i catch that from time to time, but it seems to be very hit and miss. i thought it was very entertaining in the early days when royce gracie was dominating, but now everyone seems to know how to defend and counter too well. some of the matches i've seen end up with one guy sitting on the other guy for the whole match -- like the very hyped matchups between gracie and ken shamrock ended up.

i've seen a few pride matches on foxsports via comcastsportsnet, and those seem to be entertaining, but they are few and far between.

K1 is shown sometimes on espn2, but not on any regular sort of schedule (and they seem to show a lot of the same matches over and over).

7:10 AM EST  

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