Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Andy Reid Should Stay

from pete barr:
after so many embarrassments this year, I think it's a time for this organization to go in a different direction coaching-wise...how can you get credibility back....

Are you happy with the total embarrassments that we saw this year? It comes from the top and the top is now an incompetent. Whoever doesn't see this now is fooling themselves.
this season hasn't been a success, there is no denying that, but it's not as simple as whether or not you are happy with the embarrassments of the season. at least i don't think it is. everyone is upset with the way the season has been going and we are all justified in feeling frustrated, but please remember that andy has given us a lot of success and in return we owe him the opportunity to fix what has gone wrong with this team.

- teams have ups and downs. even if the eagles are entering a downcycle, then andy has earned the right to try to fix it.

- the rest of the league seems to have caught on to what JJ and big red are doing. andy has earned the right to try to make adjustments.

- this team made some strategic personnel errors (counting on buckhalter, not re-signing burgess). give them a chance to learn from their mistakes.

if you are saying that the "top is now incompetent," then you are basically saying that the last 4 years were luck. it seems more reasonable to consider this season as the fluke than the last four seasons, no?


Blogger Steve72 said...

I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

2:24 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable how quickly people forget the misery that was the Philadelphia Eagles before Big Red.

Good coaches come through in the long run. See Carolina again this year, Tampa Bay is back on top, these people shouldn't even be allowed to follow the team.

3:04 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Are people really saying Reid sould go after 1 bad season? Are there people out there THAT shortsighted?

12:23 PM EST  

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