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Favorite Teams - NFL

christopher suh, posed an interesting question over the weekend via email, "who are your favorite teams?" namely, who do you root for, who are you indifferent to, and who do you root against? that's information that everyone probably has in the back of their heads but probably few have ever explicitly thought about before (i know i haven't).

here is my breakdown of NFL teams (not in any particular order):

Root For

Eagles - obvious

Chargers - always liked the don coryell chargers. dan fouts, kellen winslow, charlie joiner, john jefferson, chuck muncie with those goggles.

Browns - always liked bernie kosar. the brian sipe teams were entertaining. "the drive" and "the fumble" games were heartbreaking for them. cleveland fans have suffered just as much, if not more, than philadelphia fans.

Cardinals - i root for them because they are so pathetic. this is easier now that they aren't in the same division as the birds.

Raiders - always liked john madden and the characters on the raiders. of course i rooted against them in the 80 superbowl, but i always liked lyle alzado, lester hayes, mike haynes, howie long. bo jackson was amazing. al davis is the man. they were an easy team to root for.

Chiefs - i didn't root for them until dick vermeil took over, and i'll stop rooting for them when he leaves.

Bengals - similar to the cardinals, i used to root for them because they were so bad for so long. now i root for them because they are entertaining to watch.

Root Against

Detroit - two words. lomas. brown. shutting that fat f*ck up was my favorite moment of the ray rhodes era. 4th and 1 was probably a bigger moment emotionally, but the lomas brown game was a playoff game. i feel sorry for barry sanders as he had to play his whole career for this pitiful organization. any competent team would have geared their offense around barry and he'd have retired the all-time leading rusher by a wide margin. hey sh*theads, how about getting a fullback or tight end on your team to block for the best running back you've ever had?

Buccaneers - i used to like them back when they were back markers, but i'll never forgive them for stealing a superbowl win that was rightfully ours. i hate this team.

Chicago - i enjoyed watching the 85 team, but the fog bowl game was complete BS and all the chest thumping that bears fans after their fluke 13-3 season a few years ago turned me off. of course, i did enjoy how they disappeared completely after getting an ass kicking from the birds in the playoffs.

Ravens - ray lewis turns me off. yes, he was a great player in his day (though i think it's complete nonsense for him to be considered the best middle linebacker of all time), but his shtick gives me a headache. plus, he's been an average linebacker at best for more than 2 seasons. ed reed is like a young brian dawkins, but that's not enough to offset the lewis factor and the billick factor.

Packers - i am so sick of hearing about brett favre. he hasn't been good in 3-4 seasons. why do i constantly have to hear about him? i liked them when reggie was there, and they'll probably move into the indifferent category when favre retires, but until then i can't stand them.

Broncos - shanahan is a fraud. elway is *not* the best QB ever. they cheated on the salary cap to win their superbowls. their o-line plays dirty (though i wish ours did as well).

Giants - obvious.

Colts - manning is annoying and overexposed. i didn't like how irsay moved the team to indianapolis.

Patriots - bandwagon fans, just about the whole lot of them.

Cowboys - obvious

Falcons - sometimes they refer to themselves as "the birds." please.

Redskins - obvious

49ers - this is where the west coast offense started. i hate them for other reasons too, but just that one fact is enough.


Jets - used to like the jets a lot as a kid as they were the "other green team". my interest in them peaked with the ken o'brien, wesley walker, al toon, freeman mcneil team that started off 10-0 and finished 0-7, but really stopped dead when they hired kotite. after that, i haven't really been interested in them much.

Seattle - liked curt warner and steve largent when they were playing. other than that. meh.

Carolina - they beat the birds in the championship game a few years back, but that was more a function of the birds injuries that season (entire d-line and westbrook). they are insignificant.

Rams - enjoyed watching kurt warner and marshall faulk in their primes. they haven't been good in a while.

Dolphins - dan marino was entertaining but otherwise a dull franchise

Texans - they should call a do-over and start the franchise from scratch again. they'd be better off.

Steelers - i used to like the steelers from the 70's, but i got steeler-ed out after living in pittsburgh for 6 years. i know he just retired and all, but i think myron cope was one of the most annoying football announcers ever. i'd rather listen to fingernails on a chalkboard than listen to that guy again. most annoying myron cope moment ever: myron spent half a game correcting the play-by-play guy about the pronunciation of marvcus patton (then of the buffalo bills) -- incorrectly i might add. every time the play-by-play guy would call "mar-cus" patton, myron would jump in and bleat "no, that's mark-vis patton, it's pronounced mark-vis" oh my pain.

Titans - i liked earl campbell a lot, but other than earl and the fact that they were the whip-ees in the "house of pain" game ("you bring the house, we'll bring the pain"), this franchise has been non-descript.

Jaguars - i have no opinion of this team other than fred taylor is a fantasy team cancer

Saints - i have nothing to say about this franchise

Buffalo - a bunch of chokers.

Minnesota - moss was entertaining. having randall make a comeback there was entertaining. other than that, nada.


Blogger Steve72 said...

My dad is never permitted to another game.

8:53 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Touche, Pete...I can't even discuss last night's abortion...can't wait to see your input....after so many embarrassments this year, I think it's a time for this organization to go in a different direction can you get credibility back....


Love...the Eagles

Like....the Steelers, the Raiders (especially the Raiders of the 70's with Madden, Dave Casper, Belitnikoff, Van Eegen, Stabler, and Dave Dalby...they were like big, hairy hippies...they even get a pass for beating the Eagles in the Super Bowl, Eagles fans West), Buffalo Bills (Eagles fans North), and Minnesota (liked Joe Senser a lot when I was a kid, I also like how Alan Page talks, kind of like the adult version of Urkel)

Despise...everyone else, especially Giants, Cowboys, Skins, Cardinals (how many times did this team kill you with late comebacks), Bucs, Falcons, Panthers, Bears (used to love 'em in 85 but totally agree with your present rationale), Packers (wimpy snobs), Browns (embarrassed Eagles in early 90s), Denver (this year's abortion), Pats (need I say more?) and Kansas City (I used to work with people from KC, I also remember that they blew us out in early 90s)

9:02 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

I think it's a time for this organization to go in a different direction can you get credibility back....


Just, no.

I thought about making arguments about this point, but I think "no" is enough.

9:20 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Why not? Are you happy with the total embarrassments that we saw this year? It comes from the top and the top is now an incompetent. Whoever doesn't see this now is fooling themselves.

Make your arguments. I probably am being too emotional today, but go ahead.

12:51 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Why not? Are you happy with the total embarrassments that we saw this year?

Absolutely nbot. I'm sick about it.

It comes from the top and the top is now an incompetent. Whoever doesn't see this now is fooling themselves.

Then consider me to be "fooling myself". Has Andy made some questionable decisions this year? Absolutely. However, 99% of the decisions he has made in the past have turned out to be appropriate. He has earned a little leeway, particularly in a year when his star franchise quarterback has been hobbled nearly the entire year.

He is the best coach the Eagles have had as long as I've been alive...possibly ever. Who, exactly, are you planning to replace him with? Do you honestly believe that Andy would be out of work for more than 30 seconds if the Eagles fired him?

2:22 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Steve, I like your passion and committment. I think Andy's dream job is with BYU. He could be the next cross between Joseph Smith/LaVell Edwards/John Goodman. Who could they replace him with? Right now I don't know, but it seems that the combination of former Def. Coordinator as a head coach along with a veteran Offensive Coordinator is the hot thing going. At least if your team is defensive minded, you don't get destroyed, you just don't score...see Eagles circa Buddy Ryan.

2:46 PM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

First, ditto on the admiration stuff.

If you want to win now, you have to have someone in mind. Just supporting firing Andy in a pique of anger is not a productive concept. Andy..right the best coach the Eagles could have. There are probably close to 30 teams that would gladly trade straight up for him.

3:03 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

A lot of good posts today have helped me get back into some realistic perspective. By the way, whoever was anonymous and said that "these people shouldn't follow the game" is missing the point. These people "me" are the kind that you want following your team. I am not a fly by night stepford. I will give Andy a chance because that is the fair thing to do. Quite frankly, what happened this year scares me, but it can be turned around. I am a passionate fan who has given a great deal of my life to supporting this team through thick and thin. I've been through the Mike McCormicks, Marion Campbells, Rich Kotites and Ray Rhodes, not to mention Dana Bibles. I take a beating and come back and support every week. Maybe that is why I am just pissed.

4:08 PM EST  

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