Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday Links

- i was talking to someone at lunch yesterday who opined that the eagles were in danger of the trap that befell a lot of other teams at the end of a successful run, namely that they were getting a little old. i politely disagreed, because if anything, they've erred to the other side in letting older guys go. despite what the radio morons say, i think that is the right approach. here's an article by marc narducci talking about all the young eagles who are getting a chance to play.

- phil simms doesn't think it's time to question don's leadership ability

- i've agreed with every deal that pat gillick has made so far, including *not* signing wagner for a ridiculous contract. things bode well for our baseball heroes methinks... bob ford thinks so too. too bad gillick had to start with the house of cards that "the head" built.

- phils are on the road to correcting many recent mistakes. "the head" is gone and now they're moving the fences back too.

- looks like fiesta or orange for penn state

- TO for sale

- jeremy shockey being... well... jeremy shockey. yo jer, maybe you should wait for them to actually kick the ball first.

- TO still considers mcnabb "a friend"


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I can't stop watching that video.

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