Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Links

- monday night football! too bad the season went to sh*t or this could have been a huge matchup with home field implications for the playoffs. too bad i won't be able to attend tonight's game. reggie was one of my all-time favorite players.

- plans for tonight's reggie white tributes.

- phil sheridan on reggie.

- andy's mentor went back to balanced football after flirting with a pass happy attack. hopefully, big red will come around as well. apparently, spach is the backup fullback on this team. wow, i don't think the eagles have ever been worse at any position since i started watching the team. seriously, have they ever had a starter and a backup worse than the josh parry/stephen spach combo at any position?

- rich hoffman laments the lost season after watching the mediocre performances by the giants and cowboys yesterday.

- eagles tell TO that they want their $2

- pat gillick is targeting pitching at the winter meetings. go pat! i'm starting to really like him.
"Here's the thing," Gillick said. "I think, if you call a player an employee, and you're treated the same as the other employees, then I think you're willing to accept what the policies are of the company. Now, if you walk into the clubhouse and you know that everybody in there is on a three-year contract and nobody is being treated any differently, that's easier to accept as opposed to knowing there's a guy on a five-year [contract] with a no-trade [clause]. I don't believe in no-trades, and I don't believe in preferential treatment. The only preferential treatment I think a player should get is on the first and the 15th [when he is paid].
- phil jasner says the sixers need more talent. who's going to get it? billy king? phhft

- flyers had their first shootout over the weekend (a predictable loss BTW, it was so anticlimactic i can't believe i've been waiting so long to see it). ed moran talks about the shootout in his article today, but the more interesting part was the results of his sidney crosby nickname challenge. his favorite was "fling crosy"... mine is "sidney louganis."

- esche may have a sports hernia, so here is nittymaki's chance to take the job

- oh, the genius that is screaming a
bernard hopkins was in a fight on saturday. did you know they stage fights on tv? it's the darndest thing. they wear these puffy gloves on their handses. then they try to hit each other. there's a third guy in the ring too, but i can't really figure out what he's there for. is he there as an injury replacement? i thought he was there as an injury replacement, but sometimes he tells each guy to sit in the corner for a few minutes like he's giving them a time-out for hitting. i've never really watched this before, but since i'm a columnist i guess i should write something about it.


Blogger The Big Dog said...

I agree with Pat Gillick. I think his best trait at this point is that he has no loyalty. I am big on loyalty, however, that word does not exist in the era of free agency. Among Wade's many bad traits was, ironically, loyalty. He stayed by his mediocre players to a fault. Now, by the end of this week the Phillies may have a total overhaul. Including, but not limited to, deep sixing Lieberthal in a package, Burrell and/or Abreu. I for one, hope all of them go and start from semi-scratch. I don't see how unloading Abreu is not almost a must now. He is dead in this city. But his trade value is so frigging high. Home run derby champ (who really cares), gold glove (wow!!) and still a perceived comodity. Gillick will do something exciting and if not, I don't think it will be because of lack of trying. There is a reason he is successful. He earned it, sorry Head.

You finally are coming around to my concerns with King. He is the kind of GM that other GM's like dealing with because of his stupid decision making....the Kings GM was probably laughing after he unloaded Webber. Now he has 2 big tag players who nobody really wants to offer anything for (or can trade because of contracts), a young stud who they don't give shots to (AI the second), 2 non-dominant Centers, a shooter only who can't D-up with anybody, plus about 5 guys that can't contribute. Pure frigging genius.

I heard G Cobb and Clyde Simmons on the radio talking about tonight. I miss that era of Philadelphia football. Those guys just personified how Philadelphia (and suburbs) feel and like about football. Blue collar, tough, smash mouth Defense. The sad thing is that if they had any Offensive strategy (outside of telling Randall to make 3 Big Plays a game) I have no doubt that they would have won a Super Bowl. If they had ANY competent Offensive Coordinator they would have at least gone to the Big One. They always played well against the Giants and Skins, but just didn't have that little thing to go over the top. They needed a competent back, which they didn't have plus an offensive game plan. Wow, what could have been. A healthy Randall was a great QB, too. He was a good thrower and wasn't afraid to run. He was just a flake. Plus his mental capacity was always challenged, but who cares. That was in the era of Elway, Marino, Montana, and Jim Kelly. All of who are in Canton. Wow, I can only dream.

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