Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Angelo Cataldi = Public Menace

tuned into WIP this morning for a couple of minutes and heard some jackass member of cataldi's dirty thirty calling for the eagles to draft matt leinart. his reasoning? mcnabb can't get over things. he should be able to brush things off and move on. his example? mcnabb still hasn't gotten over getting boo-ed at the draft. his solution? reassemble the dirty thirty and go up to the draft again to convince the eagles to draft leinart.

it's too bad we've evolved to the point where natural selection doesn't really affect us. this guy (and his kind) need to be eliminated from the gene pool.


Blogger Steve72 said...


I heard this too. I actually already emailed him letting him know that if he pulls a stunt like he did with McNabb, that I will never support his station again.

(Although I already don't unless Didinger is on, so it's kind of an empty threat.)

5:44 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have thought for years that as a species, we've really been doing ourselves a major injustice by going against darwinism.

For some reason, people are against my IQ testing philosophy....

- Joe

10:20 AM EST  

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