Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More Andy Defense

from dave barr:
I’d love to have you add a quote from a famous man that really sums up why the cheesesteak eating, beer swilling, WT Philly fan needs to have faith in Big red. “He’s big, he’s fat, he’s got a mustache”. In looking at Red, the fans should see themselves. He could just as easily be that overweight Wissahickon guy pummeling grease and hops in the 700 level. The man has had an off year, but like so many of us, he deserves the benefit of the doubt and the belief that he will in fact rise again, like so many out of work warehousing forklift drivers who move from job to job on the docks just waiting for a chance at redemption.
thanks dave, i couldn't have said it any better. the best part? the wise man who once said "he's big, he's fat, he's got a mustache, what's not to like?"... our own "big dog"!


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Oh how I love America! Free speech. Yesterday I spoke freely (or at least wrote freely, I did a lot of speaking at work)...calling for Andy's head. You guys called me on it. That is awesome. There is a check and balance system in place. I wrote like Allen Ginsburg on crank and you guys nailed me....which I absolutely deserve!!! The day that Andy was hired I was in his corner. Actually you have slightly misquoted me...what I actually said was "what's not to like...he's big and has a mustache"...I didn't say the fat part. At the time I didn't realize what a candy ass he was...I thought he was more of the Mike Holmgren/Mike Ditka build. Big, stocky, passionate men who happen to have brilliant facial hair.

Anyhow, you are right in that he needs a chance to fix this. Despite losing 3 NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl, he pretty much has turned this team into a mini-NFC dynasty. Maybe this year is a blessing in disguise. Not having Donovan, a #1 or #2 receiver, FB, TE, run-blocking offensive line, good defensive line and 2 outside linebackers (not to mention Westbrook) is not the only thing wrong here...it runs deeper.

This organization prided itself on being the gold standard in the NFC. Maybe it read it's own clippings. I like checks and balances, that is what makes America great. This year is the ultimate check. It's a reality check. The Birds need to figure this out....and that means more than Big Red. I no longer will call for his head, but be patient to see if this ship can be righted and the leaks plugged.

If Andy can fix this in one year, which I think actually can be do-able, I think we will all forget the disasters of this year.

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