Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tom Modrak

ho, ho. our old buddy tom modrak in the news (from

Our suggestion that Tom Modrak might succeed Tom Donahoe as the G.M. in Buffalo has drawn a harsh reaction from one league insider.

"He is one of the biggest frauds in the league," the source said of Modrak. "All he is is an extension of Donahoe. Can't think for himself but he sure knows how to bullsh-t and he may be stabbing Donahoe in the back.

"He is also a very lazy scout," the source opined. "Never does his research. Looks at one tape and forms an opinion. In my view a total joke, but then again, Ralph Wilson has a history of hiring jokes to be his G.M."

The source also predicts that former Modrak colleague Bobby DePaul would not go to work for Modrak, since Modrak once fired DePaul when they both were in Philly.


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