Friday, September 30, 2005

One Tough Guy

been busy with work, so haven't posted in a few days...

this new mcnabb injury (and his subsequent decision to play through it) got me thinking about how his toughness is somewhat underrated. it's weird how some players are lauded for their toughness, while other guys are known to be tough but not lauded for being so. with mcnabb it's assumed by the fans and media that he'll play through things. i suspect that same assumed toughness image extends to the refs too. imo, don draws fewer roughing the qb penalties than most qb's, yet gets hit as much as anyone. when's the last time he got a call for getting knocked in the head? that call happens all the time in the nfl -- even if a defender just touches the qb's helmet with his hands -- but referrees seem reluctant to make that call when mcnabb gets hit in the same manner. case in point, chad lavalais leads with his head and lays into mcnabb as don is throwing and bruises don's sternum. the umpire is looking right at that play, and doesn't throw the flag. the play ultimately draws a fine from the league, but gets no call from the ref. do they make that call if it's against favre? definitely.

in my mind, the best example of mcnabb's toughness is still the game against arizona when he broke his ankle in the first quarter. when michael vick broke the same bone in his ankle, he had to be carted off the field writhing in agony. mcnabb not only didn't get carted off the field, he played the rest of the game on that broken ankle and threw 4 TDs. that's pretty damn tough.

i hope his decision to play through the hernia does not have a lasting impact on his career. good luck 5!


Blogger Behan said...

When I first think of McNabb, I picture him flashing a smile at a LB or doing a Michael Jackson-esque celebration dance. Not things I associate with a tough guy, but McNabb has proved both his physical and his mental toughness again and again. McNabb has every quality I'd want in a QB and a football player. Maybe that vocal minority in Philly who wants to drop him will take notice.
And maybe we should have just thrown the dirty thirty off a cliff years ago.

10:34 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

well said! let's throw the ringleader of the dirty thirty off that same cliff with them...

9:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous Steve72 said...

610 is only worth listening to when Didinger is speaking.

However, it's really worth listening to then.

10:21 AM EDT  

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