Saturday, June 05, 2010

Back to 2-2

Flyers played a great game last night to tie the series up before heading back to Chicago. Offense is just shredding the Blackhawks for tons of goals. Helps to have the power play clicking like it does. Defense is playing great and Leighton had an OK game. The goal tending is what has me frightened though as I keep expecting Leighton to give up another soft goal.

Well, it's all house money at this point. Just fun to be along for the ride.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun series, but the better team won. Unfortunately, they looked spent after game 2 and just allowed the Hawks to dominate them. I was at game 6, the score could have been 9-0 given the disparity in shots and complete mental meltdown that come with being tired. I enjoyed this run as it was a nice diversion. I hope they can make another run with this group, but hockey may be the toughest sport to do that with that playoff grind.

What the Flyers did do is take focus off that shitfest being played out every night at Citizen's Bank. The Phils were able to hide for 6 weeks but the party is over. Charlie has real problems on his hand with that team-they just don't look right to me. Maybe it's being content after a nice 3 year run, maybe it's an absurd contract that sapped someone's power, maybe it's deflation after the worst off season trade in baseball history, but they look like they're just going through the motions.

It's all good though since we only have to suffer through them for 6 more weeks until the Birds start.


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