Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Game 12 Thoughts

eagles claw their way back into contention with a nip and tuck win over the equally inconsistent and mistake-prone carolina panthers. just when we thought we were out, they drag us back in!

as the game was going on, i couldn't decide whether the game was really exciting or really boring. i think stylistically the game was terrific, with both teams keeping the score close and making consistent big plays throughout; however with the gloom and doom sitting like a pall over the season, it was difficult for me to get entirely into it. i think a lot of people must have felt that way because the crowd didn't really get into it until the 4th quarter.

- jeff garcia played really well. he took some big hits, stayed tough in the pocket when he needed too, and scrambled when he needed to. he did make a couple of bad decisions that he got away with when the defense dropped the ball, but he also made some clutch downfield throws when the game was on the line. overall and good and efficient game. interestingly, garcia's line was 21-39 for 312 yards with 3 TDs and no picks. after a game like that, people would be b*tching about how mcnabb only had 54% completion percentage and horrible accuracy, fortunately for garcia, he's not dealing with the same garbage.

- omar gaither played about as well as matt mccoy did. i didn't see a significant difference between them. gaither takes on blocks a little better (though not much) and seems a little more instinctive but is noticeably slower.

- runyan played the best game of the year of anyone on the o-line i think. he controlled peppers at the line and a) didn't really let him anywhere near garcia all game and b) was able to push him off the ball more often than not. great job by runyan.

- wow is trotter s-l-o-w. he doesn't have much time left.

- no pressure on delhomme. the pass rush is a real problem spot. some of it was "del-homo" (as someone behind me called him... i confess i thought it was funny) getting rid of the ball or grounding it, but a lot of it was guys just getting eaten at the line. even the blitz was ineffective for most of the night.

- horrible game for reno.

- eagles were taking mike patterson off the field in obvious passing situations (moving darren howard into the middle). they must be down on him a little. i guess with good reason as he certainly hasn't played very well this year.

- donte' stallworth is a terrific receiver when he is healthy. i wonder if he'll be back next season.

- eagles called passes exactly 2/3 of the time. yet, no one is b*tching about the play distribution today. what gives?

- defense still had problems tackling out there. whenever deangelo williams got into space, the defense started running around like chickens with their heads cut off and tripping over each other. there were at least three plays when a would be tackler (usually trotter) got taken out by a flailing eagles teammate (usually considine).

- BTW, does anyone out there still want john fox as the eagles coach?

- bad job by some fans who started chanting for AJ when garcia was on the ground. there weren't many of them, but it came from the same corner (south side of the stadium on the visitor side) as it did when they were chanting AJ during mcnabb's slow start a few years back. what the f*ck is up with those guys? aside from having one of the hottest girlfriends around, what the heck has he done?



Blogger Steve72 said...

If you're going to bring up the hotness of AJ's girlfriend, it's only fair to assess Garcia's entry in the same category.

Heather Mitts vrs. Carmella Decesare.

Who wins?

The fans.

11:37 AM EST  
Blogger Peter said...

carmella decesare... girlfriend... or beard?

11:42 AM EST  

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