Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stop Right There, Dave

david aldridge stops just short of suggesting that the sixers would be a good fit for the devil's next "last coaching job". (shudder)

i suspect there is probably going to be a lot of speculation about this, actually. the general consensus is going to be that beelzebub and AI clash off the court but are magic on the court, and maybe another shot is worth it since AI only has a few season left.

you know where i end up when i think about that possiblity? pat croce made that relationship work. why doesn't his name come up any more when talking about the sixers run of success? he was the aaron rowand for the sixers.

everyone should note that the sixers started to head downhill the very season after their finals appearance. yes the sixers were a little older and yes the sixers were a little more injured, but please note that the lord of lies was still with the team. one big thing that was missing that season was croce. make no mistake, croce was the glue that held the sixers together... as a family. he was the charisma. he set the tone. once he left, all that remained was dour, sour, woe is me larry brown. yech.

larry brown is the devil. what comcast needs to do is sh*t can snider, clarke, and king and start all over again with croce.



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