Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Phils On Fire

ben schuchardt notes that the phils are on pace for 96 wins. after the dreadful start, i'd say that's pretty good. i've missed the last several games (working in india and romania for a few weeks), but i am sure they've been enjoyable.

the team's character is completely different from past seasons, and with the emergence of players like utley and the addition of players like rowand, they actually seem to have a personality again.

past phillies teams were some combination of:

- surly
- aloof
- arrogant (based on what success i don't know)
- lackadaisical

which reflected the personalities of both the gm (head wade) and the team's stars (rolen, burrell, abreau, and to some degree jimmy rollins). with the head gone, gillick has changed the flavor of the team much quicker than i had thought possible.

exciting times lie ahead.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned that Lidle is pitching tonight? He can't seem to get his game together this season and has a 5.72 ERA. Thankfully, in the last few games Myers and Leiber and the new phenom have been clutch.

If Lidle loses another one at Miller Park, will he get moved out of the rotation?


8:35 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

lidle has been easy money lately. as a baseball fan, yes i'd like to see him go.

unlike pete rose though, i'll bet against my own team and lidle has been money in that regard.

9:12 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lidle is what he is. For a fifth starter, he's fine. Until the Phillies trade for Dontrell Willis or some other legitimate stud, you need to take your lumps with the guy, hope he gives you 180 innings and at least gives you the chance to swing tha bats and win.

If I see 6-7 innings and 3-4 runs, I'm satisfied. Aside from the last putrid start (I know he looks weak through 3 innings tonight), he's been acceptable.

The simple truth is that the Phillies need to get some hitting right now. With this much talent, they ought to be able to carry a guy like Lidle. Look around the league. Who besides the White Sox go 5 deep???


9:31 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

by now he probably is fifth in the rotation, so you're right that he should be judged against that set of pitchers... but he did come into the season as the third starter, not the fifth starter.

it doesn't change the fact that he's throwing junk at the plate with a huge "please hit me" sign on it. i don't dislike him, i think he's a guy who gets the most out of his ability and that's admirable, but i'll continue to bet against him when i can get what i think are favorable odds.

2:16 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mean guy - i hope you followed through and put big cash against the phils last night. you were right...easy money when Lidle's pitching.
let's hope Floyd has a better showing tonight.

in other news, could sal fasano be any more of a monster at the plate? I don't think he budged an inch when Hardy crashed into him last night. Nice!


9:30 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lidle gave up 2 runs in 6 innings. That isn't a bad outing.

Pat Burrell had a bad outing.

Wake up!


1:33 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i can see you throwing your head back as you are emphasizing "wake up".


2:15 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

actually, i didn't bet the game yesterday.

the brewers were -130 last night and i didn't know enough about capuano (sp?) to know how effective he'd be against the phils lineup. that was too much to lay simply against lidle. if it had been closer to even i'd probably have bet the brewers.

2:18 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Bush v. Floyd in tonight's game?

i'll try to stay awake for this one...


4:31 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egad, 3 miserable one-run losses to the rejuvenated Brew Crew. It's going to be like this in 2006. Up and down all season. As I said when the ship left port, I'm going to enjoy every pitch.

Anyone out there to argue that this hasn't been entertaining so far?

Bring on the Red Sox...Too bad Schilling is holding back for the Yankees. I would have loved to see him pitch at the Bank, even though I'm reasonably confident he would have pitched a big game.

Can we please fire Charlie now before the team heats up again?


8:20 PM EDT  

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