Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Statement Game?

was last night's game an indication that these phillies are, in fact, not the same wimpy crew we've seen year in and year out?

- brett myers coming up big in a big spot. has he turned the corner? is he actually becoming the "can't miss" pitcher he was supposed to be? the biggest thing i saw last night was that his brain didn't turn to mush after giving up that late homer. toughing out the rest of that inning was a big, big step in his development, imo.

- getting to pedro early in the game was huge, and was something that wouldn't have happened with past phillies teams. two things to note here: a) it was the new team backbone aaron rowand who started it and b) messers burrell and abreau had no impact on last night's game... though i do give abreau credit for busting it down to first on the 5 foot dribbler he hit in the ninth.

- past teams would have waved the surrender flag after watching tom gordon vomit on the mound like he did last night. again, the winning rally was started by a newcomer as yet uninfected by the wussiness.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night was one game of a 162 game schedule. It was a nice win, an important win, and I'm rolling with many of your comments.

But baseball isn't football. The best team doesn't win every game. A great pitch doesn't necessarily generate an out. A weak pitch doesn't equate to a home run. Nothing plays out in an instant, but only through the grind of 162 games. Think about it, a "great" team may finish 5 games ahead of a "mediocre" team. A "great" hitter gets one more hit per week than a "mediocre" one.

I doubt that last night's game was any more of a turning point than tonight's (ass kicking), although it was damn fun to watch.

I respectfully disagree with your persistent bias against Brett Myers. He hasn't been quite the disappointment you seem to think he's been. He came into the year 42-33, which is phenomenal for a YOUNG starter. He does some dopey things (I hate it when he stomps around the mound), but he is well on his way (and has been) towards stardom. You've been watching "can't miss" for a while now, but I don't think you've seen it.

At 24 last year: 13-8 3.72 ERA, 208 SO in 215 IP.

Schilling: 14-11 3.81 ERA, 147 SO in 226 IP.

Ryan: 10-14 3.97 ERA 137 SO in 152 IP

I understand that a select few pitchers get off to quicker starts than this; most of them turned out to be flat out studs.

You may get to see one soon enough when Hamels gets to town, but don't be too shocked or alarmed if it takes him a little while.

Beautiful things are about to happen for the Phillies.


10:00 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

I respectfully disagree with your persistent bias against Brett Myers. He hasn't been quite the disappointment you seem to think he's been.

it's possible i am biased against myers, but i don't think so. my problem with him hasn't been with his results, exactly. as you mention, his numbers have always been in-line with his progression and age. my issues with him have always been around what's floating around in the knuckle-head of his. i don't like his approach to pitching, his attitude, or his inability to control his emotions. too many insignificant things get under his skin and cause him to lose control.

really my issues with him aren't that he hasn't been a good pitcher, he has. so my statement that he's finally devleloping in the pitcher he was supposed to be probably isn't appropriate. what i found meaningful in the game a couple of nights ago was how he mentally reacted to giving up the homer. he didn't go in the tank. he didn't pout on the mound. he didn't start overthrowing. he didn't start bitching at the people around him.

he just went back to work. that was what i found impressive and exciting about that game.

10:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching Rowand crash his face into the wall to save 3-4 runs, and more importantly another potential blowout to the Mets, the shattering of a prospect's confidence, and who knows what other bad things, I pay hommage to Pete. Perhaps it is possible to witness a "Statement Game" during a 162-game schedule.

Boy, did Pete nail the importance of a balls on fire guy like Aaron Rowand.

Is anybody surprised that Chase Utley followed up with a home run?

We're in rain delay right now, and anything can happen, but I have to believe we may have witnessed a magic moment.

Hope Rowand's nose gets better soon.



9:30 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big props to Rowand for what may have been a game saving catch, in the process sacrificing his face.
Utley came through with the HR and the Phillies fielding was definitely on point, as opposed to the previous game's defense.
It may have been a shortened game due to rain, but a win's a win.
I'll take it!

Here's hoping Hamels turns out to be the clutch pitcher we so need.


8:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't look now, but the Phillies are on pace to win 96 games. Nice hot streak. Let's hope the starting pitching continues to be great, the relief pitching continues to be great, the bats wake up, and the injury bug doesn't start to take its toll.

I don't want to say anything, but this team is on fire.


5:44 PM EDT  

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