Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fullback Woes

dave barr notes a dave spadaro report from mini-camp:
I wouldn't say that either Josh Parry or Thomas Tapeh has jumped out at me as the clear-cut leader at fullback. It's going to be a close call, and rookie free agent Jason Davis is an athletic, live body.
This cannot continue to be a problem for them. They need production at this position to move the football. I am irate that Parry will be back as he is dreadful.

agree completely, dave. this is probably the single biggest area where i just don't get what big red is thinking. he can see for himself that parry is not an nfl caliber player.

i suspect that they think tapeh will be a stud if/when he ever gets healthy, but can they afford to wait? can you continue to watch parry get steamrolled and let blitzers run free at don?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we watching the same game? Or are you guys really that dumb? I think Parry is an awesome fullback and one of the best in the NFL. I have watched Parry pick up not only his man but also helped others-like Runyan. Furthermore, McNabb's career would of have been over after the first game if it was not for Parry's read on the blitzes! He is a great player but maybe that is why he is playing and the nonbelievers are sitting on their couches watching the game they wish they could play! I am a huge Parry fan and I think that he is great! Please Mr. Dave Barr write something you know about rather than something you think you know something about because it really is hard to read!

12:24 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'FULLBACK' position debate...
For those of you wanting a lorenzo neal or tony richardson why stop there why don't we just fill every position with the top fo the line stars? Be realistic, you cannot have a superstar in every position, you need role players much like hockey. As for who is available...please spare me, if there were star fullbacks available why would they be available? Now for the fullback position battle with the eagles...
Thomas Tapeh simply cannot block..have you actually watched the film on him, he had a few...and I emphasize FEW decent runs against a 2nd and 3rd team 'D'. However his blocking is horrendeous even by rookie standards. Yeah they may be able to have him run occasionally but what happens when they need decent blocking and his glass jaw and week stance allow a blind sided sack. You really want a guy coming off a serious hip injury covering Mcnabb's ass? Simply stupid. As for whether or not Josh Parry can run the ball...who has seen him run the ball in a game...raise your hands...(crickets) well then how can we comment on how he would do. During training camp he ran the ball a few times and broke the line more than once...more like a goal line smash mouth runner. Now I am not saying he is ready for the pro bowl...don't get me wrong. However if you truly break down the game you will see several very solid blocks from Parry. Will a fullback win every battle..of course not, your dreaming if you think that is the case. However Parry has many more solid plays than bad ones. He is a smarter player than Tapeh as well, when plays break down tapeh becomes a deer in headlights whereas Parry looks to make up ground, does he always manage to execute perfectly..of course not but if he did I am sure the haters would continue to bitch. Understand the game before you comment on the details. The You seem to focus on one play where Parry got knocked backward but seem to overlook several plays where he blew his assignment off the line. Parry is a solid role player who knows the offense and opens up holes more often than not. Fullback is an overlooked and under appreciated position but its seems ironic how high some of you are on Tapeh when he has proven what exactly? that he is not durable, that apparently the coaches do not consider him a first teamer...they must be not paying attention.

Now for my personal opinion...
You have a player who seems to work his ass off and stays completely devoted to the fans whi in turn berate him because he is not one of the few star fullbacks in the game. Nice...Parry fulfills his assignments and players like Mahe run into his back instead of using the lane Parry has created...i.e. the browns game goal line play.
If you go back and look at the tape Parry and Ritchie are very similar, Parry does not have the experience built up yet but he is becoming more and more solid, so for those of you who seem to think Parry should be cut for Tapeh or whatever other superstar fullback is sitting at home waiting for a phone call, this is not an allstar team. We have some stars and then we have role players and sometimes you have to look past your own self righteous and obviously ignorant critique of details you have somehow overlooked. Pull up stats and you'll see that McNabb is far below many QBs who you wouldn't trade for even for a waterboy. Watch the tape not the numbers. watch how many yards westbrook gets behind parry as opposed to Tapeh. I would rather have a full time fullback than a half ass fullback who can carry for a yard or two against first team defenses. I think when the wind blows Tapeh sprains a muscle. Now I am not a Parry Fan club member but ui am an eagles fan and I am sick of toll booth / grocery clerk / doormen spitting on the players who make no demands and just bust their ass for the team and city.

Maybe you should give us your work address so we can come and critique your skills lifting the garbage bags into the truck and make comments that there must be a better guy for th job.

Show some pride for the role players who bust their ass and receive no praise for it.

Josh Parry is solid and of course needs to continue to improve but he will and shows durability, toughness, and heart. Eagles fans wanted a superstar wide receiver and so we got owens who in turn shit on the city and fans and you were the ones who praised him. I want a championship the same as the next eagle fan..trust me... but bashing the players who leave their heart on the field for minimun pay and maximum sacrifice is not just classless, it shows a shallow faith in your team.

So for your responses on my post here...lets address the superbowl play where Josh was knocked back or (blown up as you say) You seem to dismiss the fact that Fraley missed his assignment on that particular play. hmmm...But your right Parry should be held accountable for blunders by the O lone.

Sometimes looking beyond the horse blinders actually acentuates the game.

5:12 PM EDT  

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