Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday Links

- more balanced playcalling may not just be lip-service this season. let's hope westbrook can take the pounding.

- wile e gillick... soooper-genieeeeus. one friggin' guy makes this much difference? this is something head wade would never, in a million years, have comprehended. he just didn't get it - you cannot play GM like it's paint by numbers (making only the obvious moves). if anything i hate him worse now that we have something to compare him against... that rat bastard.
Off the field, Rowand gets teammates together to bowl, play laser tag and to race radio-controlled cars that have become the terror of the park's basement corridors and a bane to the groundskeepers. He had a barbecue at his house, about 40 minutes from the ballpark, and just about everyone showed up. This represents a major change for a team that has often divided into cliques and sometimes wouldn't walk across the street to exchange handshakes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick test: Who was the GM when the Phillies drafted Brett, Gavin and Cole. I'm no fan of the Head in question, and I love the change to Gillick, but I want to be fairer than the average Philadelphia fan.


9:26 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

while true, i'm not sure that's exactly relevant. head left the drafting decision making almost entirely up to mike arbuckle (who i believe preceded wade), so while those picks happened under head's regime i don't give him full credit for those.

what i think does fall into his direct responsibility though is decision making with the resources in the organization -- trades, makeup of the team, free agent signings, etc -- and those weren't very good.

2:07 AM EDT  

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