Monday, February 06, 2006

superbowl thoughts

what the f*ck was that last night? this isn't russia. is this russia? this isn't russia...

having spent a good portion of my life there i was rooting for the steelers, but my gosh, if i were a seahawks fan (and thank the Lord that i am not) i would be positively apesh*t right now. that was the worst case of referees deciding a championship game in any sport since the 1972 olympic basketball final. we're not talking about one bad call or two. we're talking about an entire game -- start to finish -- of bad calls, phantom penalties, questionable touchdowns... yikes.

you know what? i am happy that the eagles didn't make it to detroit. if the eagles had been the nfc representative and had that number of bad calls made against them, i'd have to give up sports forever.

- i can understand the nfl's desire to get as many game balls as possible in the superbowl, but why can't they at least rub them down prior to putting them in use? don't you want the biggest game of your season to be well played? why set it up to encourage bad QB play?

- i still think randle el and jurvicius are the two wideouts the eagles should target in free agency

- if the calls hadn't been so pro-steelers, this could easily have been a rout the other way. roethlisberger was obviously nervous and the first couple of picks didn't help his confidence any. if the seahawks had managed any significant lead, pittsburgh would have had to put the ball in big ben's hands... and it would have meant trouble.

- alan faneca is everything that shawn andrews should aspire to be.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fix was in. I'm not a fan for either team, but to me it was quite obvious that they refs were calling everything against the Seahawks and had a blind eye to the Steelers. I honestly feel that the refs were bribed, and that the NFL did everything it could (Pete's observation of the balls being one) to ensure a Cowher win...pitiful.

- Joe

9:15 AM EST  
Blogger Behan said...

Your Caddyshack reference is the highlight of an otherwise forgettable Super Bowl weekend.

Is the NFL trying to become the NBA? What a horrible Super Bowl. I heard on IP this morning (I know, I'll have to take another shower later, but I was hungover and needed mindless entertainment) that Holmgren didn't shake Cowher's hand after the game. Terrible decision, Bill Cowher didn't fix that game. Very low rent. The Steelers survived an NFL-screwing in Indy, it's not their fault.

I'd love if the Eagles signed Joey Jurevicius, if for no other reason then that guy kills the Birds routinuely. He killed the birds in NY, and he's responisble for the worst weekend of my life when he played for Tampa. Randle El would fill more than one need, he's dangerous every time he touches the ball.

At least, when I die, on my deathbed, I will recieve total consciousness. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

10:03 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed Behan, Holmgren should have shook Cowher's hand. Cowher played with what was given to him. Oh well. Holmgren, may not look it, but he's a very emotional guy by all accounts, and that has to be really tough to lose, especially when your team played better, and the refs were rodgering you with goal posts....

- Joe

10:40 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

The commercials were much better this year than they have been in the past couple years. Well, all of them except for that BK one. Yikes. I feel dumber for having seen it. Glad I've got a Sprint phone with the crime prevention feature.

Think the NFL will apologize for those bad calls? Um, me neither.

10:54 AM EST  

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