Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Links

- as phil mentioned earlier, the birds signed 12 players, including timmy chang

- seems like nfl players are showing their support by voting for don for the bart starr award. never heard of it before, but it can't be a bad thing i guess.

- sam donnellon has an interesting perspective on billy king, first comparing him to head wade then to bobby clarke. i don't know, even head wade never built a team as bad on defense as this sixers team. the second half of last night's game was awful. i had to turn it off.

- why is this a story? doesn't everyone already know that bush is going to declare? that he won't make the same stupid decision that matt leinart made (costing himself tens of millions by choosing one more year of partying over going pro)?

- gillick is having a tough time trading abreau and/or acquiring pitching. seems like his plan is to sit tight and wait for next offseason when the salaries of bell, leiberthal, and wolf come off the books. if that's his plan, i'm fine with it.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

I agree with Sam Donellon and have been expressing that on this site for a while....a couple of adjectives seem to follow Billy King around....respected, respectable.....and clueless. What is there really to like about that team? Really? All I personally ask for any year, is my team to try. This team has nothing to really like. When I think of them, I don't really think of anything. Just blah. They score a ton, but give up enough to lose....when Jody Mac starts talking Sixers, and he doesn't say "trade", I just want the conversation to end. Honestly, what do you do with Iverson. I think he is a total stud. But this team is going nowhere with him as the showcase. And it hasn't been for years. Mr. Snider needs to get involved, and by that I mean maybe getting a seasoned consultant in to help assess this mess. I personally think King has decimated them, but everyone knows that I am relatively negative to Philly sports management. The starting 5 is decent (I hate Dalembert as a starting Center, but I am old school and like big, dominating Moses Malone, Bob Lanier, Shaq, Chief-types)....but Iguodala is fun to watch dunk. Help!!

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