Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday Links

- vince young... wow. after all the matt leinart and reggie bush hype we've been inundated with over the last two years, i think it was pretty clear who the best player on that field was last night. wow.

- JJ, crotchety old man that he is, apparently isn't interested in the rams head coaching job

- add tom brookshier to the list of ex-eagles who hate jeff lurie

- paul domowitch says you don't need a number 1 wideout to win in the nfl, but you do need difference makers in your offense. interestingly, he quotes someone in his article saying that don is a good, but not great, QB. that he's doesn't make people around him better like tom brady or peyton manning. i chuckle when i hear stuff like that. he may not throw the prettiest ball and his mechanics may not be as good as those guys, but don't tell me that getting to three straight nfc championship games with the worst offensive supporting cast of any contender in recent memory isn't "making people better".

- reuben frank says the mcnabb injury was what hurt the birds the most



Blogger Behan said...

"Doesn't make people around him better", isn't that what Eskin always says about Iverson? Just like Iverson, McNabb has had little help from his supporting cast. Owens was the only Eagles' receiver to rank in the top 30 in DPAR during McNabb's time, and that year McNabb turned in one of the best QB performances ever. The only decent season an Eagles' WR besides Owens had was Pinky's 2002 year (798 yds, 7 TDs). Think Pinky puts up those numbers with many other QBs?

McNabb's GM has left him hanging just like Iverson's. Look at the effect having even a brokendown star play with him has had on Iverson. The one year McNabb had a legit star play with him on the offense, they went 13-1, went to the Super Bowl, and McNabb was magnificent.

11:27 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

can't wait to hear the same things about vince young when he gets to the nfl.

1:38 PM EST  

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