Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Orange Bowl Thoughts

holy moly that was a long game last night. maybe it wasn't well played, but it was a close and exciting game from start to finish.

- it seemed to me like joepa definitely wanted to see kelly kick the winning field goal as it didn't seem like they were trying to score a TD on that last possession

- penn state o-line got manhandled after the first quarter. it seemed like there was at least one florida state player coming free on every play.

- what's with this joepa and bowden are such good friends routine? everything i've read says that joepa *hates* bowden and thinks bowden represents everything that's wrong with college football. paying players, not suspending them for getting arrested, not graduating them. i've read that joepa has hated him back to bowden's west virginia days. now all of a sudden they're best friends?

- i've also read that joepa is none too happy with bowden's wins in I-AA counting toward his total

- hope poszlusny's knee isn't wrecked

- i think tamba hali hurt his draft position last night as he had only a minor impact on the game. the tackles dominated in the middle though.

- seemed like the fla state coaches did not trust weatherford to throw in the middle of the field. every pass play was to the outside where penn state was waiting

- if anwar phillips wasn't a pro prospect before last night, he certainly should be now. that's probably the best performance by a penn state corner i've seen in a long time. maybe ever.

- all in all, i'm glad that penn state didn't go undefeated and make the rose bowl. beating the criminoles is a much more satisfactory ending than getting creamed by USC.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think last nigth showed that JoePa IS class. 100%. Yes Pete, you're right, he hates Bowden and always has. But that doesn't mean he's going to drag a personal vendetta in front of the screen and take the focus of the game away from his players. The fact that he sent the kicker out there on 2nd down shows how much he cares about his players and wanted them to succeed. Bowden is an ass and he recruits asses, hence the bad penalties. JoePa was pissed and ran over and screamed at a player when they got a bad penalty.

Bowden showed he has no class when he said "When they pick the all-time missed field-goal coach, I'll probably get the award," Bowden said. "We're masters at that." How can you say that when you know it'll devistate your kicker who missed? JoePa would NEVER EVER single out something lilke that.

Posluszny was awesome. Heck, I think the birds could use him down the road, and PHillips was amazing for the whole game except one play, and that was in the 2nd OT, so you can't blame him.

Anyway, I can't wait to get some freaking cath up sleep. Of course tomorrow I hit the table for my shoulder. Hopefully I come back like Kapanen, but on the mat....

- Joe

10:27 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Didn't realize that Hali was only 270...he is 6 foot 3 so you can always add weight. I kind of was hoping for a complementary end to Kearse that was bigger...I guess it doesn't matter as Kearse is a LE anyway....kind of wanted a William Fuller who can lump up on the RT. We do need a DT that can cause Penn State's did. How about Jim Johnson going to interview at St. sounds like Childress is pretty much gone, too. Wonder how coordinators will pan out....Sherman and Mariucci?

10:30 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

joepa used to be 100% class. now i'd say he's only 75% class, along with 10% curmudgeon and 15% crotchety old man.

11:05 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your first point, per Joe and Michael in the post-game Presser, Joe called for a fake FG, Michael talked him out of it. What a kid Michael is, what an incredible leader.

11:32 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

what was the deal with tony hunt last night? i know they kept saying that he sprained his ankle, but i didn't see anything happen to him and he sat on the bench for the rest of the game without any ice or extra tape or much of anything. he just sat by himself all forlorn for the whole game.

i wonder what he did that pissed joepa off?

also, did anyone catch mike mcqueary's face after that 12 men in the huddle penalty? his bottom lip was visibly quivering when joepa turned and laid into him.

1:43 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that looking through those coke bottles that JoePa wears as glasses does something to you when you're being stared down by him. I think it must look like the eyes of God himself are pissed at you, because Mike McQueary looked like he thought Joe was going to throw him off the field right then and there.
As far as Tony Hunt, who knows. I know JoePa has a history of benching someone if he found out they were drinking of doing drugs anytime near practice or games. I'm not speculating that that's the case, just telling you past history.

- Joe

3:20 PM EST  

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