Thursday, January 12, 2006

Screamin' A's Latest

yo screamin', TO's leaving town. you can stop gobbling his knob.
For nearly one year now, Terrell Owens has been frustrated, disgusted, insulted, annoying, belligerent, dysfunctional and downright divisive. Now, after being exiled for two months, labeled the ultimate malcontent and branded as a cancer by the good ol' boys club of NFL executives, it's time Owens makes sure stupid isn't the latest term added to his list of his character flaws.
just to be clear, TO was first "annoying, belligerent, dysfunctional and downright divisive" then we started insulting him, not vice versa. he's not being "labeled" the ultimate malcontent, he's proven that he is. he isn't being "branded" as a cancer, he wrote it all over himself with a sharpie. only in your mind full of man-love for ME-O could exist the notion that he hasn't already proven that he is, in fact, a dumbass.
Times have changed now, though. The Eagles just might be the ones left sweating instead of Owens. Assuming that Owens plays his cards right, of course. ... It's time he stops exhausting himself and Rosenhaus and let the Eagles do some legwork.
screamin', FYI the birds don't have a lot invested in TO (brandon whiting and a 5th round pick). i don't think they're sweating anything. they'll sit on him as long as they can just out of spite at this point and rosenhaus knows it.


Of course, using the right words sometimes requires using some colorful words. We're told that Childress uttered what would have been the line of the year, if anyone had known about it at the time, during his testimony in the Terrell Owens arbitration hearing in November.

While being pressed by T.O.'s lawyers on the whos, whats, wheres, and whys regarding the events that culminated in the suspension of Owens, Childress summed it up succinctly.

"The Eagles don't have a lot of patience for assholes."



Blogger The Big Dog said...

I've always thought Stephen A Smith was really really bad. I grow tire of the shtick in like a minute. What does one need to do to write for the Inquirer? Be controversial? I don't think that Smith could write for the free car publications that you see at diners, so I have no idea why he still gets published and has his own show. Why would the Eagles sweat anything? It's a bad experiment that blew-up and threw shrapnel all over the place. That would be great if they didn't cut him and let him rot for the balance of his career. Please explain to me why Rosenpuke would want to work a trade, other than stroking his own ego....I guess a trade would benefit TO, in the fact that his horrible contract comes with him. Who in the right mind in the NFL is going to trade for this "hot comodity"? When, after the Eagles do cut him complete the chemotherapy for this cancer, no draft picks or mediocre players need to get included.

11:06 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I stopped reading this guy a while ago.

The last thing Rosenho wants is a trade as TO would still be under the same contract which Rosenho doesn't get any money from.

1:01 PM EST  

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