Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Links

- not too surprising, but it seems that the vikings will be introducing brad childress as their new head coach soon

- paul domowitch thinks westbrook should ask tiki barber for advice. in one of domo's notes, he mentions that a number of nfl players have dropped drew rosenhaus recently... to bad our friends at aren't around to celebrate.
Several players have bailed on agent Drew Rosenhaus. Eagles offensive tackle Tra Thomas, who hired him last year, has gone back to his original agent, Peter Schaffer. Packers wide receiver Javon Walker dumped him last month. Walker's teammate, defensive tackle Grady Jackson, followed suit last week. "Like I told Drew, nothing personal," Jackson said. "It's just a move I feel like I had to make"
- phil jasner thinks that AI has more fans in LA than kobe has in philly... you think?

- bill conlin isn't too happy about the ryan franklin signing

- flyers stole a win from the rangers last night with good goaltending, good power play, and a couple of great individual efforts. the rangers controlled the pace and the flow for much of the game, basically lived in the flyers defensive zone, and outshot the flyers 34-23. i'll say again that it's nice to be on the other side of these types of games that have been so typical of the clarke era (only in reverse). unbelieveable end to end rush by kim johnsson, if you haven't seen it, try to catch a replay.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's official, Brad is gone. Anyone else find it interesting tat he mentioned how he didn't call the plays util the last 6 games? Now that fat fuck is no longer GM, do you think he'll unload some play calling as well?

- Joe

6:57 PM EST  

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