Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday Links

- nd kalu blames TO for ruining the team chemistry. sheldon brown, who's emerging as the new troy vincent, says the season didn't really go in the sh*tter until TO got into the scrap with the bad-ass-ador. the important thing going forward will be learning from the mistakes they made during the TO soap opera so they can nip it in the bud next time.
Kalu noted that every team, when a key player goes down, says it still expects to win. Like many others, he found the notion of Owens taking offense bizarre, but he said that once that occurred, the Eagles' plans to get back to the Super Bowl quickly began to go awry.
- i agree with rich hoffman that the key to next season is how don returns from his sabbatical, but i don't think the situation or outlook is nearly as bad as rich seems to believe. i'm sure don will be able to handle his end of the bargain.

- jerome mcdougle says he'll be back next season, meanwhile the birds believe mcnabb caused the sports hernia with excessive weightlifting last offseason

- jack mccaffrey agrees with pete barr and thinks the birds "need to have the courage" to get a good backup QB on the team. i still submit that getting a top flight backup is a move that looks good on paper but ultimately is not a good strategic move if you want to build team and fan unity.

- flyers keep winning. the biggest difference maker on this team is ken hitchcock (aka mike keenan lite. just as much genius but 1/3 less jackass than your regular keenan)

- i'm glad derian hatcher has made me look foolish for my initial pessimism over his play. he's been the flyers best defenseman over that last few games that i've watched and i think it's having a trickle down effect on the entire defense corps. even fan whipping boy chris therien has been playing pretty well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Therian is starting to pick up what he needs to change in his game to be a part of the "new" NHL. Slowly, but surely. He's putting himself where he needs to be to cut off offensive players. He's hitting a little better and even his clears/passes seem to be less blind than they were. Maybe it was just a matter of him not being in the kind of shape he needed to be in a faster league in the beginning of the season?

Anyway, I would like to see a bit more hitting when on D, and a little more intimidation, but the Flyers are slowly improving, which can only be good considering we're in 1st place for now... (knock on old Sherwood)

- Joe

10:44 AM EST  

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